What Are Some of The Best Features on Android Devices

Whether it is an important safety feature or a new tool, an update to our phone can be a mystery tour. There is so much on offer when we first get hold of a device that it is easy to miss some of those essential features we should be using. Android 10 comes with a ton of new possibilities ranging from a dark mode that saves your battery to a caption feature that is going to be your next essential go to tool.

Gesture Navigation

Android’s traditional button navigation made movement around your phone clunky. While you quickly became accustomed to this way of switching between apps, there is always a critique that the iPhone allowed taps and swipes. With Android 10 this same gesture navigation is now available.

You will need to turn on your gesture navigation via your settings. The route to this will be different between phones. However, your starting point will always be settings.

QR Code for your WiFi

There is nothing more annoying than having to photograph your wifi settings information and give this to a visitor to programme into their phone. It is time consuming and often involves you in some sort of contortion near your router. With Android 20 you can now use a QR code to carry your WiFi network settings.

To use this feature on your Android, go to your wifi settings and then select your home network. Now, select the share button with the small code just above it.

Undo app removal

Another user experience problem is the accidental deletion of an app when you are tidying up your home screen. You are busy with your phone spring clean and delete an app but can’t remember what was there that you are now missing. Well, now with Android 10, you have a few seconds to undo the app removal. The undo button is at the bottom of the screen and you just need to press it and the app will return to where you last saw it.

While a small feature, we think it is one that will undoubtedly save a moment’s stress and many a minute trying to retrieve the app from the download area of the store.

Location control

We should all be more worried about our privacy. Our phones are a portal to our lives and can give an outsider access to our whereabouts and more. The newly improved location control in Android 10 allows you a much more granular level of control over how an app could use your location information.

What does this actually mean? Well, before Android 10, once an app was given access to your location it was always on from that moment. Therefore, potentially the app was always tracking your movements. Now, with the update, you have the option of allowing it to track your location only when you are actively using the app. Not only is this important to maintaining your privacy but it is also essential for saving your battery life.

Privacy settings

While the management of your location permissions is just one feature of privacy that has been updated with Android 10. The section of your phone devoted to privacy is also new and an essential improvement to your experience with your phone. In this Privacy section you can manage permissions for all sorts of functions on your phone. For instance, you can limit access to your calendar, camera, microphone and contacts.

A significant weakness of the Android platform has been a way to easily manage apps and what access they have to your phone. Therefore, it was essential that the new update allow for the discovery and revocation of permissions app by app.

The good news is that it will only take a few seconds to work out how to do this with the phone. It will definitely be worth the time, as it could save you a lot of heartache down the line. It puts you back in control of your phone and stops any potential for outsider influence on your data, location, etc.

Notification controls

On whatever phone you choose to own and with whatever operating system, the notifications are a tool for good and a tool that annoys us. While some notifications are appreciated, others clutter our day. Therefore, being presented with an easy way to silence a notification is going to be a real bonus for Android 10.

To control the notification, you need only long press on the alert. At this point, you will be given two options 1) alerting and 2) silent. If you select alerting then the phone will make a sound each time an alert comes through but if you choose silent it won’t. If you want to manage this option app by app, you need to visit settings, apps and notification and then click on notifications.

You might think this is a small thing to pull out. However, the opportunity to quickly decide to silence notifications from a set source could be handy when in a work meeting, for instance.

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