What is Canuckle? What Happened to Canuckle?

The impact that Wordle has had on the category of word games has been huge. It has become a staple game for millions of players around the world thanks to the simplistic gameplay and perfect level of challenges. The game has also inspired the creation of several other word games. One such exciting game is the Canadian-themed game Canuckle. In this guide, you’ll get to know a lot more about Canuckle and what happens in the game.

What is Canuckle?

The brainchild of Mark Rogers, an Ottawa resident, Canuckle is a Wordle-based guessing game that challenges the players to guess five-letter words that are related to Canada. The mystery world could be anything from a place to a word or simple Canadianism if it is tied to Canada.

Canuckle is a game that is free to play on any web browser and anyone can have a go at it. You don’t necessarily need to be a Canuck to enjoy the game. The game’s popularity is highlighted by the sheer number of users since its launch in February 2022. The game has more than 2.4 million players who play to resolve the daily challenges.

What happened to Canuckle?

What is Canuckle? Wht Happened to Canuckle?

The developers of the popular game have always maintained that the game would only be around for a limited time. They felt that July 1st, 2022 was the perfect time to put a halt to the game as it was Canada Day, formerly known as Dominion Day.

However, there is hope that the game could get picked up again after a while with even longer words. But for now, nothing has been set in stone. If you’re a regular Canuckle player, it would be well worth keeping an eye on any new project that the team comes up with and if they continue the game.

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