What to look for in a double din head unit?

It is important for you to upgrade your double din head unit for increasing your car’s value. Other than that, a good double din stereo gives a modern look to your car. It is important for you to look out for the features that must be present in a good double din head units to buy. Mentioned below are some factors that you must consider prior to purchasing a double din head unit:

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Other than the brand name, there are various other things that you should look for at the time of purchasing a double din head unit. A single din has a size of radio whereas a double din is twice the size. Generally, double din head units have a standard size because of which the installing procedure becomes easier. As all the double din head units are of the same size, it becomes easy to replace older models.

1) Smartphone Compatibility

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It is significant for your double din head unit to have Smartphone connectivity. Both Android auto as well as Apple CarPlay enables you to use the navigation by using your Smartphone. Plus, the two major reasons why car owners look for this facility are audio streaming and hands-free calling.

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2) Price

Generally, the price of double din head units is not less than 250 dollars. There are two things on the basis of which the price varies. If you wish to buy a double din head unit that costs less than 250 dollars, then you will get all the features and packages that you want in a double din head unit. But, there can be issues in its loading speed. If you are a lover of audio, then you must be well aware of the fact that it can be very expensive to purchase a media receiver. The value of double din stereos can easily reach thousands.

3) Operating System

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Operating system such as Android is the most desirable one when it comes to the usage of double din stereos. Android operating system is very prominent today because it has an amazing user interface and it is very easy to use as well. Moreover, it enables the user to download more apps.

4) Reverse camera input

As we all know that double din stereos have a large screen, a reverse camera is required for watching the video footage. Every double din head unit does not have this function but there are certain models like Kenwood that auto switches when it gets the knowledge of the car backing up.

5) GPS and navigation

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Audio receivers in a car can perform a lot more functions than just playing music. There are double din head units that can guide you through GPS navigation so that you can reach your destination easily without any trouble.

So, these are certain things that you must consider before you buy a double din head unit. Each and every factor is important like smartphone compatibility, reverse camera input, operating system, GPS, navigation, and price.

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