WhatsApp adds three useful video call features

WhatsApp is improving the video calling experience for its users through several new features. Both Android and iOS will see benefits. These upgrades improve video quality and audio functions and are available on all devices.

WhatsApp announced these new video call features on its blog, including:

More Participants: You can now have up to 32 people on a group video call. This works on smartphones, tablets, and even PCs. Just start the video call in the group and let others join.

Screen Sharing with Audio: You can share your screen and the audio during a video call. This is great for watching videos with friends.

Speaker Spotlight: This feature highlights the person speaking during the call.

WhatsApp adds three useful video call features
WhatsApp adds three useful video call features | Pic: WhatsApp

WhatsApp also mentioned that they will soon release the MLow codec, which will improve call quality and reduce background noise or echo.

MLow uses machine learning to provide high-quality sound even at low bitrates, making calls clearer and more reliable.

Source – WhatsApp

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