WhatsApp Beta V2.22.18.4 and Stable V2.22.16.75 update released!

Meta-owned popular messaging platform WhatsApp has been relentless in rolling out new updates and new features. Recently, WhatsApp Beta v2.22.18.4 and Stable v2.22.16.75 updates have been rolled out.

The new updates come with a lot of exciting features while WhatsApp has also been testing some new features for a better user experience. In the recent updates, WhatsApp has released many new features to enhance the working of the app while keeping the user’s needs in mind. The new features will be rolled out for the beta versions of both Android and iOS platforms before being made accessible for stable updates.

WhatsApp looking to offer more security to users

As part of the new updates, the users will be getting the option to block others from taking screenshots of View Once messages. The screenshot blocking tool is being tested currently and will be released soon. Moreover, previously the users were able to turn off the feature that told if the recipient has read the message, it hasn’t been possible to hide the fact that a user was online and using WhatsApp. However, that’ll change in the coming updates. WhatsApp will become a lot more secure with new security features being added.

Now delete messages even after 2 days

WhatsApp Beta V2.22.18.4 and Stable V2.22.16.75 update released!

Earlier, the users only had up to 16 minutes to delete any unwanted messages on WhatsApp and then the time got increased up to 1 hour 8 minutes. Now, WhatsApp users will have up to 2 days to delete the messages.

In a short period of time, Meta noticed that the time was too short, which is why it gave the users significantly more time. Naturally, the users were expecting the time span to be extended up to 12 or 24 hours but WhatsApp has given a lot more than expected. This should be more than enough time once you have sent a message that you want to delete.


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