WhatsApp Enhances Shopping Experience in India with New Payment Options

WhatsApp is a subsidiary of Meta (formerly Facebook), is transforming the way people shop within its app in India. Building on the shopping feature introduced in 2020 WhatsApp is now enhancing its payment options and introducing Meta Verified Businesses to provide users with a seamless and secure shopping experience.

Until now Indian users could only make payments on WhatsApp using the Unified Payments Interface (UPI). When attempting to use third-party payment services like Google Pay, WhatsApp would redirect users to the chosen payment app for transaction completion. But this process has undergone a significant change.

Meta has announced that WhatsApp users in India can now make payments to businesses using credit and debit cards as well as net banking directly within the app. This means that the entire payment process, even when utilizing third party services will now occur entirely within WhatsApp. This enhancement simplifies the payment process, making it more convenient for users. Meta has partnered with Razorpay and PayU to implement this feature.

WhatsApp Enhances Shopping Experience in India with New Payment Options

To further bolster trust and security in its shopping ecosystem Meta is introducing Meta Verified Businesses on WhatsApp. This feature enables businesses to undergo a verification process with Meta to establish their authenticity. In return verified businesses receive a prestigious verification badge, enhanced account support and protection against impersonation.

Meta plans to initiate testing of the Meta Verified Businesses feature with small businesses before making it available to a wider audience. This move aims to ensure that users can confidently engage with legitimate businesses while shopping on WhatsApp.

Meta has been actively enhancing WhatsApp’s features over the past month. The introduction of Channels support for sending high quality images and videos, upcoming avatar support in video calls and an impending major app redesign demonstrate the company’s commitment to providing a robust messaging and shopping platform.

Moreover Meta has been diligently expanding its offerings beyond WhatsApp. The Instagram based Threads platform has received notable updates, including web availability, new reposting features, and themed icons on its Android app. These efforts underscore Meta’s dedication to enriching the user experience across its social and messaging platforms.

With the introduction of credit and debit card payments, net banking options and Meta Verified Businesses, WhatsApp is poised to revolutionize the shopping experience for its Indian users. These enhancements aim to streamline payments and boost trust in the platform, aligning with Meta’s broader vision for its messaging and social media ecosystem. As Meta continues to innovate, users can expect an even more feature-rich and secure digital shopping experience in the future.

Shubham Pramanik
Shubham Pramanik
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