Why Does My Tablet Keep Kicking Me out of Games?

When you download a new game, you expect it to work. More often than not, that’s what happens. However, sometimes the game will stop working. On occasion, the fault is with the game itself, but usually, it’s due to inadequate hardware or even a slow internet connection.

Sometimes games will also stop working because of insufficient memory. Moreover, when a game gets interrupted during installation, the game files might get corrupted, causing it to crash. There’s nothing worse than being on the brink of making a lot of money on an online game, then your app crashes. If you are interested in playing the best online casino games, you can read more here.

Why Do Tablet Games Stop Working?

Why Does My Tablet Keep Kicking Me out of Games?

There are several potential causes for games frequently crashing on your tablet or mobile device. Below are the possible steps you can take to troubleshoot them. Before taking any further steps, though, it would be wise to update your device’s software, which may solve the problem.

To update your device go to Apps and select Settings. Select About device and then Software update. Lastly, select Update for the latest software.

The App Might Have Issues

Although very rare, sometimes the issue lies with the game and not necessarily the device. Some third-party apps are inferior to others. It’s worth checking the game reviews before downloading the app from the Google Play, Samsung Apps, or Apple stores. If the game crashes frequently, other users will probably be talking about it. Ideally, check for other users with the same device as yours.

If the game is not working for other users, then it would be wise not to download it in the first place. However, if you already have, it might be helpful to contact the developer. The developer will be able to help to fix any app-related glitches if possible.

It Could Be a Memory Glitch

Sometimes an app may keep crashing due to a memory glitch on your tablet, especially if you haven’t restarted it in a while. So a simple restart might fix the problem. However, if that doesn’t work, you should try clearing cache and app data.

A Lack of Available Memory or RAM

Your device might not have enough memory for the app to function well. Therefore, your game could be crashing because you’re playing a game that stretches your tablet beyond its abilities. Try uninstalling any unused apps or deleting some unnecessary media files. That should free up your internal memory, allowing the game to function better.

Sometimes your RAM is too low for some apps to work efficiently. You can check the game requirements from the digital distribution service you use before downloading.

Graphics Settings

Games can often push your hardware to or past their limits in terms of graphics. If your graphics settings are too high for the device you’re using, it might cause the game to crash frequently. Lowering the graphics settings in your game might reduce the stress on your graphics card and reduce crashes.

A Corrupt External SD Card

A corrupt memory card can cause problems on your device. If you are using the SD card as your primary storage, it means games will be downloaded and saved on it. If it is corrupt, your apps will not function efficiently. You can try using the device without the SD card and check if the game’s performance improves. If the problem persists, you should try formatting the card.


From time to time, you will encounter a faulty app or game. However, most of the games featured on the Apple or Play Store are well developed. So it’s highly likely that if your apps aren’t working, then the problem is with the tablet itself.

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