Windows 11 Preview Build 25188 adds additional touch keyboard settings

Microsoft has started rolling out a new Windows 11 Preview Build for Insiders in the Dev channel and it brings a handful of new touch keyboard settings. Windows will be releasing the new update with the build number 25188. It won’t come with a lot of new features but there are some neat improvements.

The touch keyboard settings are designed to allow the users to configure if the touch keyboard appears even when a hardware keyboard is attached.

What’s new in the Windows 11 Preview Build 25188

Aside from the Touch Keyboard Settings, there are a few minor improvements and changes too. Windows Terminal has become the default console for Windows 11, which means that any action that opens in PowerShell or the Command Prompt redirects you to open in Windows Terminal instead.

This is something that Microsoft has been teasing for some time, and you can already change the default terminal manually. For now, it is done by default. There is even a change in the pages for Wi-Fi and VPN properties, as there are added links to the advanced properties for the features. The rest of the build consists mostly of fixes.

Known issues in the Windows 11 Preview Build 25188

Windows 11 Preview Build 25188 adds additional touch keyboard settings

Just because there aren’t many issues in the build, doesn’t mean you should just directly install it on your PC. The Dev channel is an ongoing development cycle and new issues pop up with every new build.

Currently, there isn’t a lot you’ll get in return as the bulk of the new features being worked on are in the Beta channel, which is a lot more stable. These changes can be expected in Windows 11 Version 22H2, which is set to be released in the upcoming months. If you’re already in the Dev channel, there is no reason why you shouldn’t grab Windows 11 Build 25188 and get more fixes.

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