Wireless Xiaomi Portable Mouse available for $17.99 on YoShop (67% off)

Xiaomi has launched a new portable mouse in China which is used for handling daily tasks like browsing through the twitter or facebook feed on Desktop PCs to even managing the smartphones on hand with this mouse. This is due to the fact that the Xiaomi Portable Mouse is a wireless one and it gets connected to the various appliances via Bluetooth 4.0 which is fast and secure and covers a wider range so that the mouse can be used by sitting on the couch or on the table.

Xiaomi Portable Mouse is now available For $17.99 which is 67% off from the original price.You can buy it from Yoshop.If you are interested, check out the Yoshop’s link below to buy it.

Wireless Xiaomi Portable Mouse – Features and Overview


Original Xiaomi Portable Mouse with Bluetooth 4.0 / 2.4G Dual Mode

Talking about the design of the Xiaomi Portable Mouse, it resembles somewhat to the mouse provided by Apple with their Macbook series. However, this Xiaomi Mouse is a little thicker in size than the Apple Mouse. Also, the Xiaomi Portable Mouse has a flat bottom so it can be placed anywhere with a flat base like the armrests available on the chair to the indoor couches.There is a scroller in the middle and there are two buttons on either side, left and right for clicking. Talking about light-weight, the Xiaomi Portable Mouse weighs only 77 grams which is half the weight of a smartphone.


Original Xiaomi Portable Mouse with Bluetooth 4.0 / 2.4G Dual Mode

The features of the Xiaomi Portable Mouse, first of all, include Bluetooth 4.0 functionality which provides wireless operations for the device. In addition, the Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity offers a connection of the mouse with 2 different laptops at the same time as it has 2.4G dual modes connectivity. Powering the Bluetooth Mouse by Xiaomi are 2 AAA batteries included on the back of the device. This Xiaomi Mouse is compatible with the latest version of Windows which is Windows 10 and supports goes back to Windows 7 also.


In terms of pricing, the Xiaomi Bluetooth Mouse is the best option available if you want to buy a Wireless mouse as it has sleek and gorgeous design and the price is also excellent. The Deal that is currently available on the Xiaomi Portable Mouse makes it even sweeter as it is currently available at a discount of 67% of the original price which has now come down to $17.99. This Mouse is available in Champagne Gold and Silver color options.

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