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Wondershare DVD Creator Review: Create DVDs with ease

We know that in this day and age, there are not many people who would want to create a DVD when there are online streaming platforms for music and movies. However, we will tell you for a fact that you should make a DVD of your special moments which can be seen after a decade and you can go into nostalgia.

Also, there are probably a lot of people reading this who have a job of making DVDs on a daily basis. Therefore, we have now come up with a one-stop solution for creating DVDs and that too, with ease.

Now, we are sure that you were looking for a viable option for making DVD or ISO or another type of image and have come here for the solution. If that is the case, you have made the right decision as we have the perfect solution for you. The solution is an application named Wondershare DVD Creator which will help you in creating DVDs and even edit them in any way possible.

Apart from that, the application is available cross-platform as well so you do not have to worry about that. Wondershare DVD Creator is available on Windows and MacOS. Specifically, the Wondershare DVD Creator supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 and 10 as well as MacOS 10.6+ too.

Now, you will need to download the suitable version of Wondershare DVD Creator for your operating system from here. Also, you can download and are free to try Wondershare DVD Creator rather than having to purchase it directly up front. Now, let us get into the Wondershare DVD Creator where we shall discuss more the features of the application and how to create a DVD easily.

Wondershare DVD Creator User Interface and How To Use It

First of all, you will be greeted by a home screen on the Wondershare DVD Creator as seen below. Here, you have to choose between creating a DVD Video disc, creating a Blu-ray disc or open an existing project that you might have created earlier.

Now, we selected the first option of creating a DVD Video disc which should be the case with most of you. However, if you have a Blu-ray file then you can select the second option to create a Blu-ray disc. On selecting the first option, you will be welcomed to the Wondershare DVD Creator as seen below

Here, you will see a button named as Import which will let you import a video file as seen from the screenshot above. Now, click on that button and import any video file that you would like from your computer and add it to the application. After that, you can directly go to the Burn section to burn the video to a DVD disc.

However, we would also like to edit this video so we have selected the Menu section where you will be able to modify, customize and even trim the video as well as parts of the video. 

Now, you can see from the above screenshot that you are given various templates in order to edit your video. You can choose any one of the templates and see if your video would look better in that template, if not then you can select any other template. Once you are done with it, you can go to the Preview section which does exactly what its name suggests.

Yes, it lets you see the Preview of the video that you have just edited in Full Screen so that you can still edit the video before burning it to DVD. For reference, we edited the video of our choice with a template of our choice and here is the screenshot of the Preview section for our edited video down below

Once you are happy with the preview of your video, you can then head over to the Burn section which will be the final step in this process.

In the Burn section, select the Disc Label name and select the TV Standard and see if you want to change it to any other option. Once you are done with all of all, just press the Burn button located at the bottom-right corner to start burning the video to create a DVD disc. That’s it, you just created a DVD disc from scratch within a matter of minutes.

Wondershare DVD Creator Pricing

Coming to the pricing, if you want to buy the Wondershare DVD Creator for Windows then you can get the 1-year subscription for $29.95 for 1 PC whereas you can get it at #39.95 for the lifetime. For multi-users, the lifetime license will cost you $89.95.

For MacOS users, the 1-year subscription will cost you $49.95 whereas a Family license is available for $132.95 and a multi-user subscription is available for $249.95.

All in all, we think that the pricing for MacOS users is on the higher side compared to Windows. However, it is currently one of the best DVD Creators out there in the market so you should definitely give this application a go-ahead.

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