Xiaomi 5000mAh Power Bank available from YoShop for $12.89 (59% off)

Xiaomi has been known for launching a whole lot of smartphones every year. These smartphones come with flagship specifications at a mid-range price as well as the company launches mid-range specification devices at cheap and low-end devices also. However, the company has been known in China for a whole lot more other than smartphones also. The company provides Internet services as well as produces most of the electronic products which include Power banks as well.

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Xiaomi 5000mAh Power Bank – Specs Overview


Original Xiaomi 5000mAh Li-Polymer Battery Mobile Power Bank Portable Charger with Power Indicator

In terms of design, the Power Bank has a solid and premium design with just a slab-like design which fits easily in the pockets. This smartphone comes in Silver color and has a port on the bottom for charging other devices as well as the Power Bank itself. It is very slim as well which is just a little more than the smartphones. The Power Bank has an LED indicator also which gives users idea about the charge that is currently present on the Power Bank.


Original Xiaomi 5000mAh Li-Polymer Battery Mobile Power Bank Portable Charger with Power Indicator

The Power Bank features a capacity range of 4500-7500mAh while the Power Bank has a capacity of 5000mAh. This Power Bank supports almost every Android device launched till date which has a USB Type 2.0 port along with iPhone devices also with an external USB to lightning connector. As mentioned earlier, this Power Bank has an aluminum-alloy build with a Lithium Polymer battery.


The Xiaomi Mi 5000mAh Power Bank was launched by Xiaomi some time ago and the company constantly keeps on refreshing the Power Bank so that it supports the latest features that have been available on the devices like Fast Charging and much more. This Power Bank has been available now on YoShop for an exceptional price of $12.89 which is 59% off than the original price of the Power Bank which was priced at $31.98 by Xiaomi.

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