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[Review] Xiaomi Light Weight Sneakers with Intelligent Chip at $68.60

[Review] Xiaomi Light Weight Sneakers with Intelligent Chip at $68.60: Xiaomi is really a well-known company in India and many other countries as it done it’s best in every field from making smartphones to washing machine it always did excel in every field. This is the reason why they made a huge sale in India and China and in the terms of the smartphone it is giving a tough competition to the many big companies like Samsung, OnePlus, LG, etc.

Xiaomi has into every field even in making pressure cooker and this time Xiaomi has done a thing which will really make you shock, Xiaomi has just recently launched Xiaomi sneaker which is not a normal sneaker as it comes with the intelligent chip and with a stylish look. Today we decided to review this Shoes and will share the features of this Xiaomi Sneaker.

Xiaomi Light Weight Smart Sneakers: Design

The design of this Xiaomi smart sneaker is very stylish and can be used not only in sports field but also in parties as well. The material which is used to make this shoes is of very high quality, you won’t feel uncomfortable while wearing this shoes. This sneaker comes in three colors blue, black and grey. This sneaker has breathable sponge which will avoid sweating in your feet and will make your feet cool and also this sneaker shock resistance.

Xiaomi Smart Sneakers: Sizes

This sneaker available in different sizes there is total 8 sizes of this sneaker. Here we have attached the size chart of this sneaker.

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The smart features of Xiaomi Sneakers

This Xiaomi sneaker comes with ship which is located at the bottom of the shoes, this chip will basically track your run, it will tell you how much kilometers you have run the report can be displayed on any smartphone device to track the report all you have to do is download the Mijia application from the play store in android and from app store in iOS.

Also the best feature is that this shoe will prevent the dust as it comes with IP67 certificate the first  protection level from dust is from 1 to 6 and second from 1 to 9 also it will help you in preventing the shoe from small water like in street but you can wash it as it is not purely water resistance.


There is no doubt that Xiaomi has done their best in this smart sneaker and also it is a unique development ever created by a tech company. This sneaker is available at just 68.60$ which is very small amount to invest in such a unique thing. You can purchase this sneaker from HERE You have to be very quick in ordering this shoe as only very few stocks are left and soon it will be out of stock so don’t think about it just go for it.

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