Xiaomi Mi 4 Port USB Charger available on YoShop for $12.99 (70% off)

Xiaomi has always been known for creating unique devices which are available for daily usage and at a price which is the best in the industry. This has made Xiaomi the top smartphone as well as electronics manufacturer in China whereas the company is growing leaps and bounds in India. Today, we are reviewing one of the original accessories from Xiaomi which is available in China and is sold via YoShop which ships to India also.

The Xiaomi Mi 4 Port USB Charger is currently available for just $12.99 at Yoshop which is 70% off compared to the original price.If you are interested in the product, buy it from the given link.The offer is for very limited time.

Xiaomi Mi 4 Port USB Charger – Short Review

Talking about the USB Charger from Xiaomi, as the name suggests, this charger comes with 4 Ports and they are all USB Type 2.0 which means they are compatible with most of the Xiaomi smartphones as well as other accessories lying around in the home. Also, this charger supports fast charging with support for 2A Fast Charge and it comes with overload protection which means that the charger will stop when the charger is complete and no more power supply is needed.


Xiaomi Mi 4 Port USB Charger

Xiaomi Mi 4 Port USB Charger

The design of the Xiaomi 4 Port charger is very sleek and it simply has four ports on the front and nothing else to look for. Also, there is a connector at the back which has to be plugged to the power supply.


Talking about the features of the Xiaomi 4 Port Charger, the charger supports 2A fast charge. It also has protection against Overcurrent for Input and Output. Other features include support for Anti-Ripple, Short Circuit Protection, Over-temperature Protection, Anti Electromagnetic Protection and ESD Protection. This charger has 100-240V (50/60Hz) support so that it can be used all around the world.


This Xiaomi 4 Port charger comes at a price of $30.82 from Xiaomi which is an exceptional price from its nearest competition. However, there is an ongoing sale on YoShop which has slashed the price of this Xiaomi charger by 70% from its original price and now, the Xiaomi charger is available for $12.99.

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