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Original Xiaomi Piston Earphone Review and Best Buy

Xiaomi is not only famous for making their budget smartphones but also best known for making premium sound quality headphones. Xioami is a chinese company which makes budget oriented smartphone they not only makes a smartphone but also different varieties of things like Washing machine, Android TV, Earphones and headphones and etc.The Chinese company has launched the Xiaomi Piston Earphone. I personally like their products so much that I have added a pair of headphones into my collection and used them as the daily driver. In short words, these headphones are available at low price with premium sound quality and great sound quality. Xiaomi Piston Earphone Review

Original Xiaomi Piston Earphone for Cellphone Computer In-Ear Wired Earphone Review

Build & Design

Xiaomi Piston Earphone is the best earphone which you can get in the price range of 300. Xiaomi Piston earphone is available at for Rupes 280 which is less than 3$. The build quality of this earphone is very premium also when you wear it in your ear you will not face any issue they are very comfortable.
It comes with a 140cm cable length which is long enough and can be carried easily in bags and other things. The wire doesn’t get tangled easily which is the best part, most of the earphone’s wire get tangled and we get annoyed but it is not in the case of Xiaomi Piston Earphone.The material which is used for making the body of this earphone is made of plastic.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of this Xiaomi Piston Earphone is very clear and the bass is also very good. Xiaomi used very good technology in this earphones both earbud gets most out of the sound. This earphone also comes with an inbuilt microphone so in case you are listening to music you don’t have to disconnect your earphone from your device you can still pick up the phone and also it has good noise cancellation.


These earphones work with any smartphone. When music playing tapping the middle button is used for play/pause music, skip between the tracks, and open Google Now if you press and hold it down, and other two buttons are used for increasing or decreasing the volume. But the volume control buttons does not work with IOS devices. The microphone works well with both IOSand Android devices.


Xiaomi Piston Earphone Review

Xiaomi Piston Earphones is premium quality with excellent sound quality. If you are the Android smartphone user, then this is the best choice. These earphones fit perfectly in your ears without any issues. It comes with the affordable price of Rupees 280 and also it the as great specification.


FunctionNoise-Cancelling, With Microphone
General UseComputer, Mobile Phone Cellphone
Cable Length(cm)140

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