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Xiaomi Wireless Smart IP Camera Home Security System review ($79)

Xiaomi Wireless Smart IP Camera

Xiaomi is a renowned company known for bringing to market the best, affordable, excellent quality and high-performance delivering devices catering to everyone’s needs. Xiaomi is a company which is also known for making a very wide selection of products to choose from i.e. you can get Xiaomi’s smartphones, tablets, pads yet at the same time get something like Xiaomi alarm system or Xiaomi Wi-Fi socket.

RMG Review: Xiaomi Wireless Smart IP Camera Home Security System

Another product of the Xiaomi which proves not only Xiaomi has a wide range of products but also that it can excel in every field it deals with is Xiaomi JTSXJ01CM or better known as Xiaomi’s Wireless Smart IP Camera Home Security System 

Buy Xiaomi Wireless Smart IP Camera For $79

So if you are tired of visits to the market when looking for a new smart security system for your house then you can certainly have a look at this product from Xiaomi. Xiaomi’s smart security system’s camera is top notch and captures in 1080p resolution and also gives you an option of 4x zoom so that you can be sure about whether the captured image is what you want to capture exactly.

Xiaomi Wireless Smart IP Camera

Its camera also comes equipped with six lens design meaning it gives better performance than expected in low light conditions. Not only that, it gives exceptionally good performance in the night time also with the use of 10 LED IR lights which work together to ensure its good performance 24/7 so that the camera can capture what you need it to capture. It can also be used to get a 360-degree panoramic view (with its field-of-view of 100.2 degrees) as it rotates a full 360-degrees allowing it to monitor everything in its surrounding. It can operate between the temperature range of 10-50 degrees without any problems and also includes the Wi-Fi technology.

Desighn Xiaomi Web Cam

F 1.0 Xiaomi Security Cam

It is also one of the unique security systems which comes equipped with a two-way audio. So not only will it allow you to hear everything that is going are in your home when you are away but it will also allow you to communicate with the people at your home because of its speaker and built-in speaker. Another notable point worth pointing out is the addition to the passive recording as it does come with a 32 GB microSD card supported slot. So you will be able to record and store whatever you want to record and it will be ready for playback at a later time.

Xiaomi Came chip

One more point not to forget is the feature which allows you to monitor everything completely from your smartphone whenever you want to. This security system is compatible with all the Android Smartphones having Android 4.0 or above and also works with all iOS devices with iOS 7.0 or up.

Video Idetification Xiaomi Web Cam

Mototion detection Xiaomi Web Cam

2 Way Audio Xiaomi Web Cam

One of the best thing is that the Xiaomi Wireless Smart IP Camera Home Security System is that even though it comes listed with a $158 USD price yet on GearBest it can be purchased at just $78.37 USD only.Buy Now at

Video Review:

This is a great cam for all who need a great smart camera with a budget price tag.I highly recommend you to check out this awesome webcam.Check it out here

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