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List of Xposed Modules Working On Marshmallow Android 6.0

In this article, we share the List of  Xposed Modules Working On Marshmallow Android 6.0.As you guys know now exposed installer is now available for Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which means Xposed can be easily installed on Any android 6.0 Marshmallow device.Xposed Framework for Marshmallow is still in the beta stage not fully developed.

If you haven’t installed the Xposed framework and want to install it then we have already posted a guide on that the link to that post will be given below.Just follow that guide to safely Install Xposed on Marshmallow Android 6.0

As I have mentioned before Xposed framework is in the beta testing stage and not fully developed, so it is very difficult to find out which Xposed modules are working or not on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, but now we have the List of  Xposed Modules Working On Marshmallow Android 6.0 thanks to  f41lbl0g, Senior Member from Xda.He posted an article on Xda about the List of  Xposed Modules Working On Marshmallow Android 6.0.

For models on the list or for updates visit this post on xda→

Below is the full list of working Xposed modules working On Marshmallow Android 6.0:-

Ultimate List Xposed Modules Working On Marshmallow

Ultimate List of Xposed Modules Working On Marshmallow

Working Xposed Modules List

20 MP Superior Auto
App settings (pylers build)
Appopps xposed
BootManager (possibly SIM bugs)
Bright Lockscreen
BubbleUPNP’s Audio cast
Burnt Toast
Chrome New Tab
Chrome PIE
Cool tool
Copy toast
Disable su indicator
Enabled notification ticker
Enable ambient display xposed (beta v1.2.3)
Gmail attachment size
Flat Style Bar Indicators
Flat Style Keyboard
Flat style colored bars
Flying Android
Force Fast Scroll
Force immersive mode
Gravity Box MM
Greenify (use latest beta)
Lockscreen music art remover
Materialised xposed (working for some)
Min min guard
Minimum brightness
Network Speed Indicator
No Lock Home 2
No device check
Play Store Changelog
Root cloak
Screen Filter
Serajr Blurred System UI (1.1)
Snapcolors 3.4.12
Status Bar Download Progress
Statusbar Scroll to Top
Swipeback 2
Swype Tweaks
Tumblr Adaway
Unicon beta
XXSID Indicator
Xposed GEL Settings (beta)
YouTube adaway
Zoom for instagram

Partially Working

Awesome popup player (working for some)
Boot manager (working for some)
Gravity box (…&postcount=256)
Lollistat (working for some)
Restore notification ticker on Lollipop (Prevents heads up from working, but doesn’t show ticker text)
Snapprefs (apparently working on newest xposed)
Wanam kit
Xtended Nav Bar (does not control music)
XToast (working for some)

Not Working:

Audio BT
Audio balance
Audio stream music default
Disable Proximity Sensor
Exchange Security Bypass
Mobile radio active fix
Shortcut in app info
Statusbar download progress
Tinted Recent Panels
True Silent Mode
Volume steps+
Wifi Filter
Xinsta (bootloop)
Xposed torch
Xposed Gesture Navigation (installs but no function)
In general, power and audio related modules are not working.

Source-> Xda

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