YoShop Intelligence Everywhere Sale: Get up to 80% off on top products

YoShop, the Chinese e-commerce website which has been known for offering various products from major brands like Xiaomi and other Chinese manufacturers has been hosting a new sale again keeping in mind the festive season in India with the biggest festival of the country, Diwali just around the corner. This sale on YoShop has been named as the “Intelligence Everywhere” sale wherein the website is offering up to 80% discounts on various products.

Top Sellers

The first category on sale from YoShop is the Top seller category where products like Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker, Xiaomi 360 degree camera and many other items have been up for sale. There is also the inclusion of Xiaomi Mi6 smartphone which is the company’s flagship smartphone.

YoShop Intelligence Everywhere sale: Get up to 80% off on top products

Earbud Headphones

The second category on the website is the Earbud Headphones category where there are various in-ear, over-head and many other types of headphones and all the products range from the price of $5 all the way up to $100 with more than 50% discount on each of the products.

EarBuds- YoShop Intelligence Everywhere sale


Talking about watches, the YoShop sale consists of smartwatches as well and the most interesting thing of this sale is that you can get a smartwatch for $1 from YoShop as well as the range of the smartwatch starts from $1 on the website and you can get the smartwatches from different major brands on huge discounts also.

Watches - YoShop Intelligence Everywhere sale

Computers and Networking

The computers and networking category of the YoShop sale consists of many products including the networking products like Routers, Hibs, Switches and extenders to the PCs, Desktops and Laptops which are available at up to 80% discount.


The other products that are on sale on YoShop include the Night Lamps and Bulbs from brands like Xiaomi. Also, there are products like Portable Mouse, Gaming headsets and many other products like Drones and other products from top brands on YoShop. Check out the various deals from YoShop from the link mentioned down below.

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