YoShop currently offers selected items starting from $0.47

YoShop has organized the latest sale on its website which offers new products starting at $0.99. We have already known that YoShop offers all the China-related products at very low rates and this sale is no different as you can get a whole lot of products from manufacturers like Xiaomi for very cheap. Talking more about the sale on YoShop, there are various categories for the sale like $0.99 Deals, $1.99 Deals, $4.99 Deals and others.

There are tons of gadgets listed in this promotional shop, but this offer is going for a very limited period of time.So if you are interested, then you should hurry up.

YoShop’s $0.47 Promotional Sale – Products List

$0.99 Deals

Looking at the first category from the YoShop sale, there are various products all below the $0.99 mark. In terms of the products that are available in this category, you can get MicroSD card reader, KeyChains, Wires, Cables and many other small accessory items. Apart from that, this category also offers many products well below the $0.99 mark also as items like Headphone splitter and others are available for less than $0.5

YoShop's $0.47 Promotional Sale - 1

$1.99 Deals

The next category on the YoShop sale is the $1.99 Deals category where the products are available at no more than $1.99. In terms of the products that are included in this category, we can have various products like headsets, rubber straps for smartwatches and others. There are fidget spinners as well as cases and covers also available under $1.99 from YoShop.

YoShop's $0.47 Promotional Sale - 2

$4.99 Deals

The $4.99 Deal on YoShop is the category which offers various products ranging from the $2.00 mark all the way up to $4.99. In this category, there are various products like the Female watches, Regular men’s watches and other products like Tempered glass and portable LEDs.

YoShop's $0.47 Promotional Sale - 3


The last category on YoShop’s sale is the Others category which has all the products with unspecified price limits. However, this category also includes products that are available at half the original price. This category includes products like Smart speakers, premium headphones, smartwatches and other products like Air Purifier as well. This category includes products with discounts offered all the way up to 70%.

YoShop's $0.47 Promotional Sale - 4

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