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YotaPhone 2 Short Review: A Great device for just $139

YotaPhone 2 is definitely a unique device and one of the most in-demand smartphones these days. You might not see it as unique from the front but once you flip this handset over, you will notice that instead of a plastic flap there is stitched authentic leather cover just like the ones you have in Amazon’s Kindle e-reader. YotaPhone certainly stands out from the crowd as it is one of the only few to actually make Android run on an electronic paper display.

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Here is a review of the highly successful YotaPhone 2.

YotaPhone 2 Short Review: A Good device for just $139


Design and Screen

YotaPhone 2 sports a 5-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels though it suffers from poor colour accuracy. It often tends to oversaturate the images and renders tomato red into a carrot-like orange colour. However, these aren’t rare for OLED displays and are tolerable in daily use. But the excellence of Samsung Galaxy S6 has certainly raised the bar that cannot be matched by devices like YotaPhone.

Much like YotaPhone 2’s display, the phone’s construction is also average. It has a well-rounded and an uncomplicated shape which certainly makes for comfortable ergonomics yet it also has a slight rattle in volume buttons and the power button too is not up to the mark.



YETI 2.0 software adds a specially dedicated Gmail widget for the device’s E Ink screen, but tragically the one piece of Google Software which looked to be tailor-made for YotaPhone – Google Now cards isn’t coming here anytime soon.

Even though the device runs on Android 4.4 OS yet it has all the features to support the functioning of a device like YotaPhone 2.


CPU and performance

This device comes equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Quad Core which was clocked at 2.26GHz. It also comes with Adreno 330 as GPU and provides extremely smooth working and high efficiency.


It comes with 2 GB RAM which allows you to multitask and run different programs simultaneously on multiple windows. It has 32 GB ROM storage capacity however its external storage cannot be expanded. It might not have external storage option yet it gives you ample space to store your important files, images and videos.



YotaPhone 2 isn’t a phone for the users looking for outstanding camera performances. Even though it has a 2.1 MP front camera and an 8 MP rear camera, it is in no position to rival the likes of Samsung and Apple who have far superior cameras in their smartphones.



This is the area in which YotaPhone 2 holds an advantage over its competition but it has to be used properly. When used as a regular Android device, its battery life wasn’t so good but once you start using E Ink display instead of OLED, then only you will get to know the difference. After switching you can easily extend the typical one-day battery life to almost two. One more plus point is that this device supports Qi wireless charging and the company is capitalising on it by selling a separate wireless charging accessory which doubles as a portable battery.



If you prioritize camera performance, fast responsiveness, high quality display then this is not the smartphone for you. Due to the extraordinarily high standards of smartphones these days, YotaPhone 2 can be considered underwhelming and not up to the mark.

Yet if you are a reader and love reading Ebooks on an E-reader then this is certainly the device for you. It also lasts for a long time, so battery life is not a problem.You can get this phone for just $139 only.Buy it Now

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