10 most common Galaxy J7 Pro problems and their solutions

Here we will check 10 Most Common Galaxy J7 Pro Problems/Issues and How To Fix Them.Recently, Samsung launched the latest mass-mid segment smartphone by the name of Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro. This wonderful device comes with the Samsung Pay feature in-build. It sports the classy all-metal unibody design and is extremely sleek. As usual, a smartphone needs to have few issues as no device is perfect. The users have been facing various issues and problems be it of software related or performance.

Galaxy J7 Pro comes with a 5.5-inch full HD super AMOLED display screen, a 1.6GHz Exynos 7870 Octa Core SoC processor, and Android 7.1.1 Nougat out of the box. It comes with a massive 3 GB RAM as well as 64 GB storage capacity which can be expanded up to 128 GB using an external SD card. The device also sports a 13 MP rear camera and a 13 MP front camera while it also comes with dual SIM support with 4G/3G VoLTE.

In this post, we will be discussing with you some of the issues faced by Galaxy J7 Pro users and how to get rid of such problems.So if you are a Galaxy J7 Pro user, then you should check out the post as it will be helpful for you.

10 Most Common Galaxy J7 Pro Problems/Issues and Their Solutions

Galaxy J7 Pro problems and their fixes

  1. Experiencing Freezing Issues On Galaxy J7 Pro

Users are facing freezing issues as few of the programs are freezing when the device runs multiple apps at the same time.

The fix to this issue is quite simple. All you need to do is:

  • Switch off the device
  • Soft reset by pressing the power button and then selecting the resume option
  • Now, clear the cache of this program which is causing issues
  • Perform a factory reset
  1. Galaxy J7 Pro Bluetooth Issues

Galaxy J7 Pro comes with Bluetooth 5.0 which offers quicker pairing along with a fantastic range. However, it still comes with few flaws and reviews of poor performance. You can fix it by:

  • Switch off the Bluetooth and then turn it on again.
  • Delete the prior pairings, and place them again from the start.
  • Now, clear the cache of Bluetooth by going to Settings and then navigation to the Application manager and then selecting the Bluetooth app.
  1. Issues related to the Camera On Galaxy J7 Pro

The Camera issue is another common problem faced by the Galaxy J7 Pro users till date. Few claimed the camera closes suddenly with a warning camera failure message while others said the program closes with and doesn’t allow them to capture any images. You can easily solve this issue by:

  • Restart the device and then run the camera app again to determine if the error still occurs.
  • Check for the updates by going to Settings -> About phone, and there you will see if an update is available or not. If you find an update available, install it immediately.
  1. Galaxy J7 Pro Wi-Fi Issues

Wi-Fi issues are one of the most common sights experienced by Android users. The same is the case with Galaxy J7 Pro as users have been complaining about this issue. Here is the fix for the issue.

  • Restart the modem and the router.
  • Now, a new connection will start and fix the Wi-Fi issue on your Galaxy J7 Pro.
  1. Galaxy J7 Pro Slow charging and overheating issues

One of the most frequent complains of the Galaxy J7 Pro is the one where your device gets overheated while charges and takes more time to charge. If you are one of the lucky few and haven’t faced it yet, be sure to experience it soon in the future. This issue is solvable as the fix for this issue is:

  • Restart your device
  • Check if the quick cable charging option is checked or not. If it is not, then you need to check it and enable it. It can be done by going to Settings -> Battery -> Quick cable charging and then checking it.
  • Another suggestion is that you must always use the charger that came with the Galaxy J7 Pro and not any the charger for any other device.
  1. Galaxy J7 Pro Auto-rotate problem

Even though the auto-rotate issue is enabled in the settings, this feature does not seem to work properly in the Galaxy J7 Pro. This issue as faced by many users can be solved by:

  • Restart the device
  • Boot it into the protected mood and check if the auto-rotate feature is working. If so, then just uninstall the program which you installed recently and with which this issue began.
  • There are cases where it can be caused due to the detectors like an accelerometer and the G-sensor. You need to get the GPS and Status Toolbox program for recalibration of these detectors.
  1. Galaxy J7 Pro “Programs are not opening in full-screen” Issue

Galaxy J7 Pro comes with a big size display which makes videos highly enjoyable but it has also given rise to few issues. Many users are complaining that there are programs which do not open in full screen. If you are facing this issue then you can easily get rid of it by:

  • Go to Settings -> Display -> Full Screen programs
  • Find the apps which are not highlighted and turn them on.
  1. Galaxy J7 Pro Fingerprint Scanner issues

The fingerprint scanner in this device is located on the rear side just next to the camera. Most users are complaining about the imperfect location of the fingerprint scanner. Since we cannot do anything to modify the location of the scanner, we can follow this cool trick to make things easier.

  • Set up the scanner to get a more accurate reading. You can change the angle so that the tip of your finger, direction etc. so that it will produce the handling of the device easier.
  1. Galaxy J7 Pro Missing App Drawer issues

As Samsung wanted to save some space by removing the app drawer button by removing the physical button and using the gesture instead of it, the users seem to be having a lot of issues. If you are having trouble on how to open the program menu, this trick will easily fix the issue:

  • Swipe anywhere at the bottom of the screen and you will get the program tray. This practice is quite simple and easy.
  1. Galaxy J7 Pro “Push Notification being delayed” Problem

Numerous Galaxy J7 Pro users have mentioned that they have not been receiving the notifications instantly. This is definitely a big issue as sometimes the notifications are really urgent and need to be looked at immediately. If you want to solve this issue then you can easily do so by:

  • Proceed towards Settings -> Program
  • Tap on the special access option located at the top right menu
  • Decide on the optimize battery usage option
  • You will see a drop-down menu which will give you the list to change and include all the programs for which the notification should not be delayed

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