[Updated] Download Lineage OS 21 For Supported Devices

LineageOS is a popular aftermarket Custom Firmware in the Android development scene, which doesn’t just offer the Android experience but also includes advanced customization features for users who love tinkering with additional options.

The Lineage OS 21 is the latest LineageOS version to hit the market, becoming the successor to LineageOS 20. If you want to learn more about the latest LineageOS ROM, then this guide will be helpful. Here I will be sharing the List of devices egttimh the Lineage OS 21 ROm with their direct link as well the official link. I will also share some other but important information in this article related to LineageOS 21 if you are interested in this Custom ROM.

What is Lineage OS 21 and Why to choose it over other ROMs?

LineageOS 21 is the latest version of the popular custom Android ROM known as LineageOS. It is based on Android 14 OS. It is one of the longest-running and most stable custom ROM projects out there.

LineageOS 21

With a lot of cool new features, LineageOS 21 has been released. Regular security patches are included to keep your device and data safe from threats or fights. Combining the clean material UI style of Android 14 with LineageOS 21’s Pixel-like experience, the latter offers more features and customisation choices.

With the stable version of Android 14 out, LineageOS 21 started sending out test builds in November 2023. This was quickly followed by the stable version, which everyone can now get. The LineageOS 21 offers users a better, more feature-packed option to the stock Android experience. It works with many popular smartphones.

Lineage OS 21 Features

  • Based on the latest Android 14 release, bringing new features and improvements.
  • Provides a clean, stock Android experience with a focus on customization and performance.
  • Extends the lifespan of older Android devices by providing updates and support, often longer than what the manufacturer offers.
  • Wide device support spanning many Android smartphones and tablets from various manufacturers.
  • Active community of developers and users providing support, bug fixes, and custom tweaks.\

Warning: Installing a custom ROM like LineageOS 21 will require an unlocked bootloader on your device. And you should know that the process may void your device’s warranty and could potentially cause data loss if not done correctly. Please ensure you have a backup of your important data before proceeding. We recommend flashing the ROM only if you know what you are doing; otherwise, you should avoid it.

Download Lineage OS 21: Official / Unofficial Supported Devicece List

If you want direct link, we have shared some device specific direct download links. If your device is not mentioned, check out the official site once

The LineageOS 21 has been rolled out. Here are some of the devices which have received the unofficial or official beta of Lineage OS 21 baed on Android 14.











Older LinageOS Builds

If Lineage OS 21 is released for any new device, we will update this list with the new devices.

How to install Lineage OS 21 on your smartphone?

Here are the steps you need to follow to download and install Lineage OS 21 on your smartphone –

  • First, make sure that you have the bootloader unlocked on your device
  • Further, download and install the appropriate USB Drivers, ADB Tool for Windows, and GApps suite for Google Play Services
  • Now, download the required files by heading over to the Lineage OS 21 links above
  • Connect your smartphone to the PC
  • Open CMD and then give the following command –
cd C:\platform-tools
  • Now, give the following ADB command –
C:\platform-tools>adb devices
  • You will get the List of Devices Attached with the device number
  • Next, you need to give the following command –
C:\platform-tools>adb – d reboot bootloader
  • This will reboot your smartphone to bootloader/Download mode
  • Now give the following command –
C:\platfom-tools>fastboot devices
  • This will display the device number of your smartphone again
  • After that, you need to give this command –
C:\platform-tools>fastboot flash boot boot.img
  • This command will flash the boot.img file onto your device
  • Then, you need to reboot into the Recovery Mode for verifying the installation but make sure you don’t reboot into the existing OS
  • For rebooting into Recovery, you should Power off your device and plug it into the USB port before pressing Volume Up + Power On buttons simultaneously until the Android logo appears on the screen
  • Once that happens, release the Power button but keep holding the Volume Up button
  • Now, you should tap “Factory Reset” before selecting “Format Data/Factory Reset” to continue with the formatting
  • On your smartphone, select “Apply Update” before pressing “Apply from ADB” to start sideload
  • Give the following ADB command –
adb -sideload filename.zip (give the Lineage OS 21 file name)
  • Now wait as the file gets sideloaded
  • If you get an error at 47%, then it means there is no issue
  • On your smartphone, click “YES” and then reboot into the Recovery Mode once more for installing GApps
  • Repeat the same “adb -sideload filename.zip” command but this time, instead of filename.zip, give the file name for GApps
  • Wait as the GApps get sideloaded
  • If you get a “Signature verification failed Install Anyway?” prompt, press YES
  • Once you get the “Total xfer: 1.00x” message, it means the installation is successful
  • You can reboot your device now and enjoy LineageOS
  • Remember, when you boot for the first time, it could take you around 15-20 minutes
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