4 easiest ways to fix not registered on network on Android

Here we are sharing 4 easiest ways to fix not registered on network on Android devices: The year of 2017 is considered to be a year where a new trend of smartphones is set. We have seen new launches from Apple which made people go crazy about them. At the same time, Google seems like they are never giving up to Apple. Android with the Oreo update increased the usability, features, and performance of their devices. Multiple manufacturers also came up with improved smartphones giving a good competition for Apple.

Although the improvements are in place there are some issues which still persists for Android devices. One such issue is the not registered on network which appears on various Android devices. This appears while users try to make calls or send text messages. This is a really annoying issue as it will restrict communication from your device.

Mainly reported on galaxy devices, rooted device, and sim locked devices this issue has been reported for a long time. Here we have found some fixes that you can try for the problem. These are for sim unlocked devices. If you use a sim locked device, you are advised to unlock it before using an external sim.

4 easiest ways to fix not registered on network on Android Phones

Find below, 4 easiest fixes which can solve the not registered on network issue on your Android device.

1. Re-insert you sim

This is the most basic fix that you should try. in many cases, the issue was the way users inserted the sim card. If you have done this in a wrong way, your device cant detect the sim card and will end up giving you the error message. So power off, remove the sim and re-insert it, your issue will be solved once you re-insert the sim.

2. Update your device

For proper working of your device, and to avoid issues like this your device should be up to date. So if you are facing the issue continuously we recommend you to update the device. The steps to check and update the device firmware are:

  1. Open settings
  2. Browse and tap on software update
  3. If there is an update tap to download and install it

3. Register on a network manually

If your device is unable to register on a network automatically, you can do it manually. The steps to do this are:

  1. Open settings
  2. Tap on wireless & networks
  3. Tap on mobile networks
  4. Tap on network operators
  5. Tap on select your own network
  6. From the list of available network, tap on your network to register on it

4. Replace your sim card with a new one

If you are still facing the same issue even after following the above steps, then there could be physical damage to your sim card. You are advised to contact your provider and replace your sim card with a new one.

Hope you are clear with the guide. If you have any queries or feedback please leave a comment below.

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