Android 7.1.1 update on ZTE Axon 7 Mini, brings support for T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling

Good News for all the Axon 7 mini users. A few months ago, the Axon 7 received a major upgrade to Android N. Now, the Axon 7 Mini is getting 7.1.1 too! But that’s not over yet as there is also added functionality and support for T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling! In this article, we’ll be letting you know about the Android 7.1.1 update on ZTE Axon 7 Mini. On installing the new update on the Axon 7 Mini, users will be able to access the bunch of new features that Android 7.1.1 Nougat brings along.

Speaking about the new features, you can now utilise the updated emojis to communicate in a humorous way. In addition, you also get support to use multiple languages at once while communicating. There’s also support for a multi-window or split-screen mode which comes along with the Android Nougat update to help users to multitask better. Also, there are a bunch of other improvements such as –  revamped notifications shade, improved Settings menu, better Doze mode etc. You can also expect the update to bring performance improvements and bug fixes.

There are already few guides on the web to help users to manually update their Axon 7 mini to latest B12 Nougat Update.You can follow this guide > Download and Install ZTE Axon 7 Mini Android 7.1.1 Nougat Update (B12)

Android 7.1.1 update on ZTE Axon 7 Mini
ZTE is also adding support for T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling which allows you to talk as well as text without using cellular data. Hope you liked our article about Android 7.1.1 update on ZTE Axon 7 Mini.

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