How To Install Android Nougat On PC With PhoenixOS

Android, as we all know, is currently the most popular mobile operating system and it is running on millions of devices across the globe. The best thing about the Android operating system is it is completely free of cost and its open source. This means that any one can get their hands on the source code of Android and modify it according to their preference to add new features of remove bugs.

This is the reason why Android phones get a lot of custom ROMs and OS for separate manufacturers. The open source nature of Android has also helped in taking it beyond the mobile and tablet devices and it is now available for personal computers too! PhoenixOS, which had previously developed Android Lollipop based operating system for computers, has now released the latest version of their OS based on Android Nougat 7.1.

You can download the latest version of PhoenixOS right now and along with using it on your phone and your tablet, you can also install it on your computer and use the Android Nougat based operating system with support to all the Android features and apps. You don’t have to worry about working on a new environment because PhoenixOS is largely similar to the Windows and MacOS and supports multi window and multi tasking seamlessly.


Features of PhoenixOS:

The PhoenixOS with Android Nougat 7.1 comes with a ton features and some of it includes, support for mouse and keyboard, support for both 32 and 64 bit operating systems, faster processing and better battery management than the default Android OS, all the features from Android Nougat like App splitting, API enhancements and more.

Similar to the Windows and MacOS, PheonixOS also allows you to work on multiple tasks simultaneously by placing all the apps you open on individual tabs. You can drag and drop them to reposition according to your preference or even pin them to make them stay on top at all times. PheonixOS also supports desktop icons, task bar menus and even start bar with all your installed apps.

You can use the start menu to easily access your installed apps and search for settings or functions. The start menu comes in 2 modes including windowed mode and full screen mode based on your preference.There is also a notification centre which is similar to the Windows 10 notification panel and Android Notifications. It shows the list of all your recent notifications which when clicked takes you to the respective app or settings.


The panel also includes the frequently used quick settings at the bottom like WiFi, Bluetooth, location and volume for easy access.If you own a touch screen laptop, then you can switch between two modes namely the desktop mode and the tablet mode. The tablet mode is ideal if you have a smaller screen as it only displays an essential features on the home screen.It includes the list of all frequently used apps, full-screen support for apps and games and an intuitive 3 button navigation bar.

How To Install Android Nougat On PC With PhoenixOS

Step 1: First download the Android Nougat 7.1 based Phoneix OS from here.

Step 2: Now open the downloaded setup file and then choose the installation method which you are comfortable with. You can either choose to install from USB or hard disk. Please click install to hard disk as it is the preferred method.


Step 3: Now Select a target disk from your computer with free space more than 5 GB.


Step 4: Make sure there are no important files in the drive you chose to install the Phoenix OS. If there are files in the drive, kindly move them to a different drive.

Step 5: Once you select the drive, the installation process will begin. Wait till the installation is completed and then restart your PC.


Step 6: After the initial boot, your PC will ask you to select the OS you want to use. Kindly select PhoenixOS and then you will be booted to it.


Step 7: Since this is the first time, the boot will take a few minutes to install the default applications and settings. So, wait till the process is over and you can now start using Android Nougat 7.1 on your PC through PhoenixOS.


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