Best Dark Sky Alternatives for Android and iPhone

One of the most popular weather apps for Android and iOS platforms was Dark Sky. This app was among the most reliable weather apps that were able to display the correct weather predictions when necessary. With Dark Sky no longer available, it can be slightly difficult to look for the best weather apps.

Since weather is important, it is only important that you’ve got the right information about the weather. In this guide, you will get to know about the best Dark Sky alternatives for Android and iPhone.

Best Dark Sky alternatives for Android and iPhone

#1. Weather Underground

Weather Underground is a great weather app that allows you to track how the weather is going. It’ll provide you with timely weather alerts for locations that you have set, including your current location. Moreover, you’ll be able to view up to 10 days’ weather forecast, which will show you how hot or cold it’ll be and the potential chances of rain.

The app will also provide information on Air Quality Index, UV Levels, humidity, sunrise and sunset times, dew point, and more.

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Weather Underground

#2. AccuWeather: Weather Alerts

AccuWeather is an informative weather app that not only shows you the current weather conditions but it’ll also show the forecast for the upcoming days.

With the AccuWeather app, you’ll get to see the air quality index and any weather warnings in your area. During the winters, you’ll also get snowfall details and rain.

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AccuWeather: Weather Alerts

#3. The Weather Channel – Radar

Similar to the Weather Channel available on the TV, this is an app that provides you with the weather information at your fingertips. You will gain access to 24-hour weather forecasts and trackers for storms and hurricanes. The app will send you notifications each time there’s a severe weather warning or a sudden change in weather temperatures.

The Weather Channel app will also allow you to add select widgets to the device’s home screen such that you can get a glance at the weather without having to launch the app.

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The Weather Channel – Radar

#4. Carrot Weather

Another incredibly popular weather app that many iPhone users have installed is the Carrot Weather app. With no more Dark Sky, this is one of the best alternatives for iPhones. The weather app will not only provide you with weather updates but it has also got many customization options. The weather app has five different personalities that you can choose to get information about the weather.

The app will also provide you with accurate information on the weather and detailed information about the forecast for the coming days. Aside from just being a weather app, it’ll also have many hidden features that you can enjoy.

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Carrot Weather

So what is your weather app of choice, share it in the comment section down below.

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