Will Counter-Strike 2 come to consoles and other platforms?

Counter-Strike is among the most popular and highly beloved FPS games for Windows gamers. There have been many Counter-Strike titles over the years but all of them have been available for the Windows PC platform.

People love to play FPS games using a mouse and keyboard and this is something that is unlikely to change. Sure, you may enjoy playing different games on a controller but CS2 doesn’t fall in that category.

This is why many gamers are wondering will Counter-Strike 2 come to consoles and other platforms. In this guide, you will get to know the answer to that.

Will Counter-Strike 2 come to consoles and other platforms?

Strike 2

Counter-Strike has always been a Windows PC-exclusively game. No matter how feature-rich or powerful the consoles are, Counter-Strike is a game that people generally play on PC with their keyboard and mouse.

However, there are some people who are wondering if Counter-Strike 2 will come to consoles and other platforms. They are unlikely to be satisfied with the answer. Valve has no plans on releasing a port or version of Counter-Strike on the Sony PlayStation or on the Xbox Series consoles. In fact, the only console on which you can play Counter-Strike 2 will be the Windows handheld consoles like the ASUS ROG Ally o Lenovo Legion Go.

As of now, Counter-Strike 2 isn’t supported on Steam’s handheld – the Seam Deck. Even with numerous cloud gaming services out there, Counter-Strike 2 won’t be released for those platforms and services.

Even macOS systems will not get this game. The M2 chip might be powerful in more ways than one, but Counter-Strike 2 will not be released for it. The only way console and non-Window platform gamers can experience CS2 would be by either playing the game on a PC or watching other gamers stream their gameplay on YouTube or Twitch.

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