Different Ways to Convert Third Party Apps to System Apps

In this guide, you will be able to learn about the Different Ways to Convert Third Party Apps to System Apps. Android is an open and versatile OS for sure, and no one can really deny that fact. It has been the most easily accessible OS for years, and will be the same for the many years to come. Android also has the capability to install third-party apps in the form of an .APK file, which comes in super handy.

However, if you would like to convert a user app into a system app for some reason, then you might be interested in the following post for sure. There are mainly two different ways to covert a third party app into a system app. One method is done with the help of an app called Link2SD, which is a really popular app, and the other method requires manual control. Both the methods require root, and are extremely simple.

So if you are interested in this we recommend you to read our in-depth step by step guide given below on How to Convert Third Party Apps to System Apps On Android

2 Different Ways to Convert Third Party Apps to System Apps

Convert Third Party Apps to System Apps On Android

Method 1: Link2SD

  1. Download the app Link2SD from the Google Play Store, and install it on your Android device. [appbox googleplay com.buak.Link2SD]
  2. Launch the app, and grant it root access.
  3. Scroll down to the app of your choice, and tap on it.
  4. When further options are revealed, simply tap on the option which reads ‘convert to system app’.
  5. Do so, and reboot your Android device.

Method 2: Manual Workaround

  1. Download an APK version of the app you would like to covert into a system app.
  2. Move it to Android/System, which requires you root access, and also a compatible file manager app.
  3. Once done, reboot your Android device.
  4. You device will display the massage ‘Android is Upgrading’, this indicates that the APK is being installed as a system app.

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