Download Leaked Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Wallpapers

The new Galaxy S24 series from Samsung is set to launch in a few months, but we’ve already got a sneak peek of its amazing wallpapers, all thanks to a leak. XDA user Vetrox360 has shared these wallpapers that match the phone’s cool design and bright colors. Just like with past Galaxy S models, each wallpaper matches a color of the phone.

Let’s look closer:

The wallpaper designs include subtle patterns that appear to reflect the rumored camera layout of the phone. These unique touches give the wallpapers distinct visual interest.

These wallpapers are more than just standard background images. They have a high pixel count to make the most of your phone’s display quality and ensure crisp details.

Download Galaxy S24 Ultra Wallpapers

Download Leaked Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Wallpapers

You don’t need to wait for the new phone model to get these wallpapers. Download them now to stylize your current device’s display with the latest options being offered.

Here’s how to do it:

Pick how you want to download:

Steps to set wallpapers

Then, choose your favorite wallpaper, open it, click the menu (three dots), and set it as your wallpaper.

Just like that, your phone will have the cool new look of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, even before it’s out in the market.

Keep an eye out for more:

In the meantime, enjoy these leaked wallpapers and tell us which one you like best in the comments!

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