Best Free Data Recovery Software for MAC in 2018 (EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac)

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac Free 11.0: Loosing of data is the worst nightmare a user faces today. When the use of computers and smartphones increased, so does the amount of data saved. In most cases, the data saved in these devices will be extremely important. Losing of these data can cause serious problems for most users. But still does many factors do lead to loss of data at times.

We have been hearing about the unluckiest man who lost all bitcoins saved in a hard drive due to some corruption in it. This perfectly shows how important data is for people today. Sometime you will have to incur a huge loss for few bytes of data you deleted accidentally. This is why the need for recovery software became high in the recent years. Many recovery software is available for various kind of devices. But when it comes to MAC, the high security sometimes restrict the amount of data that can be recovered.

After the high need by MAC users for a good data recovery software, we have found something good for all. The EaseUs MAC Data Recovery Software is what we are talking out. This software is a powerful one which is available for free. They can scan and find lost data from your MAC pc, and also other hard drives, USBs etc. Please read through to know more about the recovery software.

Everything about EaseUs data recovery wizard for MAC

The EaseUS data recovery software works really well in recovering accidentally deleted files or files from corrupted drives. It works for MAC PCs and also other external drives perfectly. The free version of the software has the ability to recover files up to 2 GB in size. If you want to recover files more than this size, you also have an option to upgrade the software.

The software works in a simple two-step process. You simply can select the drive and scan it. After the scan, the software will provide you with a complete list of files that can be recovered. The files will be shown with the exact file name so it is also easy to find them on the list. From the list, you can select the preferred files and simply click on the recover button to complete the recovery process.


Please click on the link below to download the software

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for MAC free 11.0

How to recover data using EaseUS data recovery software on Macs

After installing launch the software and follow the steps given below to recover files.

  1. Select the drive from which you need to recover file
  2. Click on the scan button
  3. When the list appears select all the files you want to recover
  4. Click on the recover button

Hope you are clear with the guide. Please leave a comment below if you have any queries or feedback.

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