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[Ludo-Star] How to Get a Six in Ludo Star | Ludo Star Tricks and Hacks: There are tons and tons of Ludo game available in the play store but Ludo Star: 2017 is the most popular one as it has very classic feel to easily one of the most popular board games ever produced in the history. It is highly popular in not only India but other Asian countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, etc. One of the biggest appeals of this game is that it is made for people of all age groups as it is really fun to play. You can play it anytime be it an activity after family dinner or a wedding function. Just recently, a new game named Ludo Star: 2017 was released for Android devices. Due to the popularity of this board game, within no time this app got famous over the internet and became a huge hit on Play Store.

This game is 14.9 MB in size and you need to log in with Facebook so that you can invite friends for playing with you. You can also compete with players over the internet and with different variations. Even though, Ludo Star: 2017 is only available for devices running on Android you can still play it on your PC using the method we are going to mention below.

Today in this post, we will be giving you a hack using which you can have a slight upper hand over your competitors. This hack will allow you to get a SIX every time you play Ludo Star.We are very thankful to Angry trip (Youtube channel) for sharing the trick with everyone.

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How to Easily Get a SIX In Ludo Star: 2017

Get a SIX In Ludo Star: 2017

The trick to getting a SIX in Ludo Star: 2017 is pretty simple and the only instruction you need to follow is that you have to make sure that you play with the clock. When the clock is at 12:15, and the die is thrown by you, you will probably get a SIX easily.

Check out Angry trip (Youtube channel) video down below

Now that you know about this unique trick, I’m sure you will be ready to get a SIX and have a slight edge over your friends.

Dibyashree Sharma
Dibyashree Sharma
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