Steps to Enable Nearby Sharing on Android (Airdrop for Android)

It seems that Google has inspired from Apple’s Airdrop feature and developed the ‘Nearby Sharing’ feature for the Android devices. It’s just like the Airdrop and previously it was introduced in the name of ‘Fast Share’ for Android. But it’s now named Nearby Sharing and obviously with improved user experience. Currently, this particular feature has been introduced widely via the Google Play Services Beta version. Now, if you’re interested in using this feature then check the steps to enable Nearby Sharing on Android (Airdrop for Android).

It’s an advanced technology that works without any setup but both the sender & receiver device should be placed closer enough. Additionally, this feature requires Bluetooth and Location to be turned on in order to work properly. Meanwhile, the Wi-Fi hotspot might be turned on during the file transfer. Whereas the device name and visibility lets users share the files while the device screen in unlocked.

Although there is an option called ‘Without internet’ under the Data usage settings. In that mode, all the files will be always shared offline. The Nearby Sharing feature will be shown in the sharing menu like other sharing apps or services. This feature will only work for the saved contacts on your handset.

Steps to Enable Nearby Sharing on Android (Airdrop for Android)

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Steps to Enable Nearby Sharing on Android (Airdrop for Android)

  1. First of all, make sure that the Google Play Services Beta is installed on your Android handset via the Google Play Store. You can also install the Play Services Beta APK (APKMirror).
  2. Once it’s installed on your device, go to the share sheet in order to share any file.
  3. Here you will see Nearby Sharing menu > Tap on it and enable the feature.
  4. Choose the device name for the Nearby Sharing and visibility mode.
  5. Now, this feature will search for all the nearby devices around you that also has Nearby Sharing installed as well as saved in your contact list.
  6. It will quickly detect or find your nearby devices and you can easily send or receive files instantly.
  7. You’re done.

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