Facebook Messenger Tips and Tricks

Facebook Messenger has over 1 billion downloads that in itself is enough to showcase its popularity. The capabilities of the Facebook Messenger have expanded rapidly.

Being one of the most widely used apps it has never stopped to amaze us. It has just given a new definition to the messenger. Earlier messenger went by the name it just did message. But now the definition had changed it does pretty much everything. 

There is a bunch of cool stuff that you can try with your messenger. Quite a lot I believe have already been tried like increasing the size of emoji’s, making voice and video calls; sharing your location well the list doesn’t stop there. 

Facebook Messenger

You ought to try the other amazing features it has in store. We bring to you few cool tips and tricks on what Messenger can do.

1) Send Money in Messenger

Going out with friends want to pay them for the Dutch treat of last night. You might want to try Facebook messenger for this. You can pay directly from here.

Facebook has a new update, let’s say you are in a group chat with the people who were there at dinner last night. Click on the $ icon and it will prompt you with whether you want to send or receive money. You either select the option to pay everyone evenly or only the selected individuals.

For the first time if you are using the feature it will ask you to connect to your debit card. 


Once it is done you can be at ease. This feature is available only in US, UK & Canada. But Facebook is soon expected to roll out this feature in other countries.

2) Daily Cute

If you want to send daily dose of random cute to someone just type @dailycute in your messenger and it will grab you a random cute picture that can make someone’s day.


3) Basketball


You can play basketball by just sending a basketball emoji. You heard it right. Just tap on the emoji and try to put it into the hoop if you miss out on that. Your score is sent to the opponent. Then they can put their hands on to try if they make a better match than you.

4) Shortcuts


You can add a shortcut for your favourite contacts by just holding briefly on the contact name and it will give you an option create shortcut for the contact. You can now directly tap on this shortcut and chat.

5) Use rear camera for video calls

While most of the devices we have offer the functionality of video calls with front camera. Facebook messenger app gives you the option of using rear camera as well. Just tap on the right most top corner for camera icon to point it to rear. I bet all of us love the rear camera effect better than front.

6) Don’t have Facebook account – No worries you can still be on the messenger

Now the question is how, well you just need a phone number to use this feature. Open messenger you will see not on Facebook button. Click on that and just enter your phone number and you can start chatting .

7) Multiple accounts with messenger

Multiple accounts with messenger

You can use multiple accounts with messenger. Isn’t that something we all wished secretly to be there? Go to settings -> account in that click on ‘+‘ and add account. You can even set the functionality of whether you want the app to prompt you with entering a password or not.

8) Messenger turns Snapchat

Messenger turns Snapchat

How? Just click on your picture or + sign and add Messenger Day. What it basically does is same as Snapchat. You can share what happened in the day in the form of story and you don’t even have to worry about filters as the story vanishes in 24 hours.

9) Facebook M

Facebook M

Facebook is soon coming out with iPhone style Siri where M would act as your personal assistant.

Who doesn’t love more, the more the merrier? Facebook Messenger just happens to do that.

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