How to fix a water damaged phone

Here we are sharing some tips to fix a water damaged phone.You can follow the given steps if you have dropped your phone in water and it is not working.

How do you feel when your phone accidently drops in water?? Don’t you feel like your world has come crashing down? Obviously, you’ll get depressed as most phones cost more than 200$ unless you have water proof phones like Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge.

So how do check if your phone is working properly? And if it’s not, then how do you fix it? As a warning note, never expect any specific result. It is more of a coin toss, sometimes your phone can be saved and sometimes you will have to wave goodbye to your mobile as well as the data.

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So if you want to give a try to save your data, then follow these steps:

Take it out of the water and make sure to keep it off

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OnePlus 3-fix a water damaged phone

No matter how panicky you feel, never waste even a second to remove your phone from the water, as the longer, it stays in contact with water, more will be the chances of permanent damage. Once you have taken it out, make sure it’s off, even if it Is still on, switch it off and remove the battery. Keep the battery in a dry place to remove the moisture.

Use a vacuum cleaner to dry the phone


There will always be the areas where your cleaning towel cannot access, so to dry those areas in your mobile, use a vacuum cleaner. Don’t forget that instead of blowing air in the mobile, you should suck the water out.

Use the evergreen method of drying with rice to fix a water damaged phone


This method takes time, so you might need to borrow someone’s phone first. In this method, you will have to keep your phone in a ziplock bag filled with rice and leave it untouched for a period of 3-4 days. Make sure the SIM is dry before switching on again. Rice is very good at absorbing external humidity, so it will make the phone dry out quickly.

Fix a water damaged phone by Using Silica gel


 These small gel packs that are found in a shoe box are a good absorbing agent. If you keep your mobile in a box filled with silica gel, your phone will get dried very quickly.

By rubbing it with alcohol


We can even use Isopropyl alcohol to fix our phones. There is no guarantee that it’ll work for everyone.

For this, you’ll need to take a container bigger than the phone and fill it with Isopropyl alcohol. Pour the alcohol in the container and submerge your phone inside for about 20-30 min. Isopropyl alcohol removes the moisture content from the phone. Now when it gets dried, put the battery again and boot your phone and hope for the best.

After your phone goes through these methods, it is time to check if it is working or not. If it is working, observe it for 3-4 days. Be alert if it is running slower than usual or crashing in between. Also, check the audio jack as well as the speakers and the mic for clear sound.

If your phone doesn’t work, then I’m sorry but it’s time to accept your defeat and move on. Either take it to a mobile store and see if he can help or purchase a new phone.

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