How to fix Bondee app not available in your country?

Bondee is a popular social networking app that allows you to hang out and have fun with your friends online. Invite as many as 50 friends to your plaza after creating an accurate avatar of yourself and enjoy it with your friends. Further, there are also several outfits by designers created by the fashion community.

You can chat with your friends via live messaging, use status to enhance conversations, create your own personal space, share your thoughts and feelings, and more. However, users in some countries don’t have access to this app. In this guide, you will get to know different methods to fix Bondee app not available in your country.

Fix Bondee app not available in your country

Bondee might be unavailable in your country because it might not have been released yet in your country. Created by Metadream, a Singapore-based company, this app has only been released in selected countries in Asia. Here are some methods you can use to use the app even if it isn’t available in your country.

Method 1: Use a VPN

How to fix Bondee app not available in your country?

  • Install a free VPN on your smartphone
  • Connect your device to a VPN where Bondee is available (e.g. Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, etc.)
  • Force exit the Google Play Store and then reopen it
  • Search for the app and install it

Method 2: Change the Play Store region

  • Open Google Play Store
  • Now, tap on the profile icon
  • Head over to Settings -> General -> Account and device preferences -> Country and profiles
  • After that, you should select a country where Bondee is available to add your account
  • Add the payment method for the chosen country
  • Look for “Bondee” on the Play Store and then download the app

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Method 3: Wait until the app has been released in your country

  • The Bondee app has only been made available in select countries in Asia
  • If you aren’t able to install the app on the App Store or Google Play Store, it means that the app hasn’t been released in your country
  • You should wait until the Bondee app has been released in your country so that you can download it

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