Possible Fixes to Nothing Phone 1 Battery Draining Issue

Nothing recently came out with the Nothing Phone 1 globally and it has largely been a big hit. The device has been selling like a best-seller novel in not just India but all over the world. Although the phone has been a massive success, there are a few issues that you’ll need to battle through. In this guide, you’ll get to know about the Battery Draining Issue and the different methods to fix this issue.

How to fix Nothing Phone 1 battery draining issue

Many users have been facing the battery draining issue and if you’re facing this issue with your Nothing Phone 1, his guide will be helpful for you. For fixing the battery draining issue, follow any of these simple methods.

Method 1: Decrease the brightness

  • Firstly, you should turn off auto-brightness and then decrease the brightness depending on your needs
  • Ensure that you’re choosing the minimum screen timeout time
  • To do that, head over to settings -> display -> screen timeout -> choose minimum screen time

Method 2: Turn off the vibration

Not many smartphone users realize this but vibration consumes a lot more battery power than traditional ring tones. You might like having a mild vibration for notifications or while typing. However, it absorbs a decent amount of battery power. Enabling a ring tone instead of vibration can boost your Nothing Phone 1’s battery immensely.

Fix Nothing Phone 1 Battery Draining Issue

Method 3: Black can be a battery saver

Surprisingly, black wallpapers can save your device’s battery. By using a dark wallpaper, the pixels in the display will only consume battery power that illuminates bright colors and does not need the energy to display dark. Essentially, the less the number of bright colors, the less will be the power consumption.

Method 4: Turn off features that aren’t being used

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, mobile data, etc. all come under an important category of smartphone features. However, these features can easily drain the battery very quickly. You should consider turning it off when not being used, especially if your Nothing Phone 1 is running out of battery.

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