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Guide to Fix the keeps stopping issue easily: Earlier, smartphones were like a luxury which only few of us could afford but these days the smartphone revolution has reached even the remote places of the world. Even though smartphones are everywhere thanks to Android but it should not be forgotten that Android is just a software which is still growing.Which is why it will always have few bugs and glitches like every other operating system. Another fact to be noted is that whenever you go on the internet and look for fixes, you often come across

Another fact to be noted is that whenever you go on the internet and look for fixes, you often come across lot of other problems. One of such common problems is an error regarding Fix the

While casual users have zero chance of facing such problems, it will sound very familiar to those of you who like to flash custom ROMs. Here, in this post we have decided to come up with the method of solving this small issue. There are two methods which are completely safe and will not affect your warranty period at all. Fix the

Some Ways to Fix the keeps stopping issue

Clear Cache & Data for Google Services Framework

  • Go to Settings -> Apps and scroll down to find the Google Services Framework. Tap on it.
  • Now, tap on Storage -> Manage Space.
  • Scroll down to find Google Play.
  • Now tap on it and clear all data.
  • Go back to settings -> Apps and then tap on Force stop, then Clear Cache again.
  • Now, open Play Store and when it shows an error, click OK.
  • Reboot your device and when it turns back on, go to apps and see if Google Play Services is already running. If it isn’t, turn it on and test to check if the issue was fixed or not.

Check Google Sync & Media Storage Settings

  • Stop Google Sync by going to Settings -> Accounts -> Google and then toggle off all the available options.
  • Now, disable & clear Media storage data by going to settings -> apps, then tapping on the overflow menu in the top right corner, then choosing Show system and finding media storage in the list and then tapping on Clear and disable after going to storage.
  • Similarly, disable & clear download manager.
  • Now power off your device and turn it on after 2-3 minutes.
  • Now, go back to settings and undo all changes.

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Aditya Verma
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