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Frija Tool downloads newest Samsung firmware versions before OTA rollouts. Users can manually install firmware with Odin after downloading with Frija.

Frija Tool downloads the latest Samsung firmware versions before OTA rollouts. Users can get updates faster without waiting for delayed OTA notifications. Therefore, you can simply download the available firmware via this tool and then install the firmware manually. Cool, isn’t it? Most importantly, you can flash the Samsung firmware by using the Odin Flash Tool. With Frija, input your device model and CSC (Country Specific Codes) to find and download the newest compatible firmware.

Once downloaded, firmware can be manually installed using Odin. Frija also lets you download older firmware to downgrade if desired. This guide covers using Frija to get Samsung firmware updates quickly.

Dircet Links – Download Frija Samsung Firmware Downloader (All Versions)

The user interface is really simple and easy to perform as well. This tool only works on the Windows platform (32/64 bit) and thanks to wssyncmldm, eragon5779, and CrazyApe18 developers for building this awesome tool or downloader. As the tool is free to use and doesn’t require additional access, you can support the developers to keep running their work by donating some bucks via Paypal. You will get the Paypal link in the tool.

Steps to Use Frija Samsung Firmware Downloader Tool

Download Frija Tool - Latest Samsung Firmware Downloader

  • When you input the model number, CSC code, just select the Auto option and hit the Check Update button.
  • It will automatically search the latest available software version. Meanwhile, if you’re an advanced user, then you can also put some more details by clicking on the Manual option.
  • It will show up the available firmware version, firmware file size, operating system version, and filename as well.
  • If you want to grab the firmware, you can hit the Download button and it will even show you the downloading speed. Meanwhile, you can also stop the downloading process if you want.

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