How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus Camera Focus Problem

Fix Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus Camera Focus Problem: Samsung is the biggest giant in the mobile arena by offering various new models in the marketplace within a regular interval. Because of the Note 7 debacle, mobile users expected Samsung to be more serious in manufacturing and designing their phones. Even though both the flagship devices from the company such as Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 have not caught fire yet, they come along with certain issues.

Of course, not at units of the Samsung device suffer from these problems but a few unlucky users have faced these issues. Most of the users have reported that Samsung Galaxy S8 has a frequent issue on its camera. The camera does not focus while you open the camera app but it does not happen all the time. This is one of the major issues with the Samsung Galaxy S8 users.

The handset flaunts a 12MP dual pixel sensor primary camera with F1.7 and 4k video recording options. In the front side of the mobile, you get CMOS 8.0MP sensor along with F1.7. The camera on both Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are the best phone cameras, which are available in the present market.

Galaxy S8

Having a problem with the Galaxy S8 camera and other issues can be quite irritating and frustrating while considering the price tag attached towards the handset. While coming back to the focus problem, the camera does not focus properly on Samsung Galaxy S8. When focusing anything much closer to the camera is fine and deliver the outstanding result. On the other hand, while trying to focus object that is far away is very difficult to do.

The detail on the close up of an object is exceptional but the same would not happen at focusing far objects. The camera refuses to focus object well and thus the picture looks unclear and blurry. When it makes you feel better, the problem is not limited to Galaxy S8 mobile. The camera focus problem is even present in the other old Samsung handset such as Galaxy Note 4, Note 5, S7 and so on.

However, we do not have a permanent solution to this problem yet and even the company has not spoken anything about it, there is an easy and nice temporary fix available to get rid of that issue. Here, we have come up with some nice solution that looks weird but it works better than nothing. This temporary fix can even resolve the camera focus issue on any other device not only Samsung Galaxy S8. While knowing the solution, this might sound a bit weird but please trust us.

If you have more trust on us, the camera focus problem will be gone in a few seconds by following the tips properly. Hence, brace yourself and do everything correctly with much confidence. The solution is very simple and all you need to do is simply shake your mobile phone when the camera app is on. Do not panic! Yes, you have heard right.

Simply, open the camera app of your handset and if you see an issue with camera focus, just shake the handset. The focus will start work again properly without any hassle. Although if shaking does not help you, simply tap the camera lens or the area around it to resolve the issue. We know what you have actually thought at this moment. Well, we are back in 90’s where we had used to hit TV or other entertainment devices to make them work correctly. You have to do the same while having camera focus problem. Try this trick with confidence! It will definitely work and do wonder within a few seconds.

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