[Game Guide] The Evil Within 2: Walkthrough and Strategies

A 2017 release of the survival horror game The Evil Within 2 was made. Three years after the events of the original installment, in The Evil Within 2, the main character Sebastian Castellanos journeys to a virtual reality setting called Union in order to save his daughter from the pernicious MOBIUS.

Game Story

The Evil Within 2 follows the story of Sebastian Castellanos, a former detective who lost his daughter Lily in a fire. After discovering that his daughter is still alive, Sebastian is recruited by MOBIUS to enter a virtual world called Union to rescue her. Union was created by MOBIUS as a utopian world, but it quickly turned into a nightmare when a rogue scientist named Stefano Valentini introduced his twisted creations into the virtual reality. Sebastian must navigate the twisted realities of Union and face off against a variety of horrific creatures and twisted realities to save his daughter.

Elements of the Game

The Evil Within 2 combines survival horror elements with action and stealth gameplay. In order to navigate the perilous planet of Union and repel its inhabitants, players must engage in a combination of exploration, puzzle-solving, and warfare. Players can make healing supplies, traps, and ammo using the game’s crafting system, which uses materials discovered all over the game environment. Players can also upgrade Sebastian’s abilities and weapons, making him more powerful and better equipped to face the dangers of Union. The game’s open-world design allows players to explore Union freely, discovering hidden items and uncovering the game’s secrets.

Guide for the Game

[Game Guide] The Evil Within 2: Walkthrough and Strategies

Although The Evil Within 2 can be difficult at times, players can improve their odds of surviving by using a few tips and methods. Here are some tips to help players get started:

Explore thoroughly

Weapons, crafting materials, and secret things abound throughout the game environment. Players should take their time and thoroughly examine every area because you never know what you might find there. There are also side missions and side quests that can be discovered while exploring the open world.

Upgrade wisely

Sebastian can be upgraded in various ways, but players should focus on the skills and weapons that suit their playstyle. For example, if players prefer stealth gameplay, they should invest in skills that improve stealth and weapons that allow for silent takedowns. Upgrades also include health, stamina, and other attributes.

Be strategic in combat

The Evil Within 2 can be unforgiving in combat, so players should approach each encounter carefully. They should try to lure enemies away from groups or use stealth to avoid them altogether. Players should also be aware of the environment and use traps to their advantage.


Sebastian Castellanos is the main protagonist of the game. He is a former detective who is struggling with alcoholism and depression after losing his daughter in a fire. Other important characters in the game include MOBIUS operatives like Juli Kidman and Liam O’Neal, who assist Sebastian on his mission. Sebastian also runs into a number of other individuals during the game, both human and magical. These people each have their own objectives, biographies, and personalities, and they each add to the game’s universe and story development.

Important Missions

The Evil Within 2 features several important missions that advance the story and unlock new areas of Union. Some of the most significant missions include “Resonances,” which involves finding a way to enter the Marrow and “The Last Stand,” which takes players to the game’s final area. Each mission presents its own challenges and enemies, and players must use their skills and weapons to overcome them.

Controls of the Game

Based on the device you’re using, Evil Within 2 offers different controls. The X button on the PlayStation 4 and the A button on the Xbox One are used to interact with objects, respectively. The E key on a PC is utilized to interact with items.

On all devices, you can use the appropriate trigger for firing. However, the left trigger is used for melee fighting. You can quickly change your game’s direction by using the B button on an Xbox One, the Circle button on a PlayStation 4, or the Q button on a PC. It also has a quick-turn feature.

Tips for the Game

Be careful with ammunition: Ammunition is scarce in The Evil Within 2, so players should be careful not to waste it on unnecessary enemies. They should also try to conserve ammunition by using stealth and traps whenever possible.

Use cover: The game features several areas where players can take cover to avoid enemy fire. To escape harm and to have a better view of the battlefield, players should use cover whenever possible.

Use your surroundings to your advantage: The game’s environs are full of traps, explosive barrels, and other dangers that players can take advantage of. In battle, they ought to try to find approaches to benefit from the surroundings.


Union is a city built from fear, so take the time to explore. Take the time to check out every corner and every building. Look for lockers and safes to crack. They’ll yield ammo, weapon parts, and other useful items. You’ll also find the crafting components you need to upgrade your weapons, health and other important stats. Do it all.

If you’re worried about missing something, use your flashlight to highlight the interactive items in your environment. Doing so also helps to illuminate hidden paths and other secrets you might not otherwise have noticed.


As we mentioned, resources in The Evil Within 2 are scarce. That’s why it’s important to make the most of every scrap of material you find. But don’t hoard your crafting components. It’s tempting, but if you’re running low on health or ammo and have the components to make more, do it.

Learn which upgrades work for you and stick to them. Upgrade your health early and often. Invest in increasing the capacity of your ammo pouch. And prioritize the weapons you use most.

But don’t forget about the other aspects of crafting. You can craft ammo for weapons you don’t even have yet. You can also craft fire and explosive rounds, which will help you take down stronger enemies, like the grotesque bosses.</


There’s no single tactic that’s going to work against every enemy in The Evil Within 2. Each type of enemy has its own weaknesses, and you’ll have to use different strategies to take them down.

In Union, there are various different kinds of zombies, and each one is distinct from the others. Some zombies can only be killed with a headshot, while others will explode when they die, potentially hurting Sebastian or nearby enemies. You’ll want to learn these characteristics early, so you can adjust your strategies accordingly.

In addition to zombies, there are also a number of grotesque bosses in the game. These enemies are much harder to take down and often require different strategies to defeat. Be patient and take your time when battling these bosses. Try to find their weak points and exploit them.

And if all else fails, remember that you can always run away. Sebastian might not be the fastest runner, but he’s certainly capable of sprinting away from danger.

If you want to succeed in The Evil Within 2, you must be persistent, meticulous, and willing to accept failure. But if you approach the game with the right mindset, you’ll find it to be an incredibly rewarding experience. Use these tips to help you survive in Union and stay alive long enough to unravel its mysteries.

The Evil Within 2 is available on Steam.

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