Here are top 10 games similar to Wordle that you can enjoy

Wordle seems to have become the latest game that people have become addicted to. Other than being an exceptionally captivating game, it has also become a source of inspiration for developers to create spin-offs of Wordle. Some of those spin-offs are the innocent variants of the viral sensation with a few added tweaks while others are downright devilish that put you in places where you don’t want to be.

Best Wordle spin-off games that you must try

Here is a list of some of the best games similar to Wordle that you will thoroughly enjoy. Some of them are a close emulation of the original sensation while others resemble Wordle only in spirit but are very different. So without further ado, let’s begin with the list.

  1. Evil Wordle

Here is a self-confessed evil variant of the original Wordle. The Evil Wordle game is a wayward twin that will break all the rules, drive the players mad, and annoy them to a fault. However, it is equally as addictive as it’ll keep you coming back the next day.

The goal is to drive you crazy while making you give up. It will test your perseverance and patience as you try out all possible letter combinations. The fact that you’ll have indefinitely guesses to figure out the word is both the best thing and the worst thing.

  1. Squardle

The famed 2D variant of Wordle, Squardle will have you solve 6 secret words strewn horizontally and vertically on a crossword-like grid. You will only have 10 guesses to get the words right. However, the game will reward you with extra guesses for the secret words that you get correct.

Here are top 10 games similar to Wordle that you can enjoy

  1. BRDL

This Wordle spin-off is an exclusive game for the committed Ornithophiles in the world. It will challenge the players to guess the 4-letter hidden code within 6 guesses. The appeal of the game is that it is for genuine bird-lovers or people who wish to know more about different word species.

  1. QWRTL

Closely imitating the ecosystem and nature of the game, this Wordle clone comes with a twist. In this game, you will not be able to use the letter “E” as it doesn’t exist. You can very well imagine how much the banishment of “E” will stifle your guesses and handicap you in guessing the right words.

  1. Antiwordle

Antiwordle is a harmless rebel that will urge you to not guess the word correctly. The game has its own way of making things difficult as it may lock a letter that got greed feedback or it may delete the gray letters from the keyboard. The end goal is to not guess the correct word and prolong the game as much as possible.

  1. Weredle

How would you feel if the game’s system lies to you in the feedback given to your guesses? It will likely throw you off the loop and even make you feel disoriented. This is what Weredle is all about.

The feedback colors will continue swapping and switching with each guess until you’re able to find the wolf that is hiding behind a letter. Once you do that, the game will get restored to the normal “Wordle” ecosystem.

  1. Heardle

Are you someone who always has a beat or tune from a song ringing in their head? Heardle is a unique twist on Wordle as the audio feedback in the song is rationed out within seconds as clues to the player and they have to guess it in six attempts. Heardle will turn the world of music enthusiasts with an unexpected degree of fun, challenge, and variety with each daily challenge.

  1. Play Nerdle

If you ever find yourself in a rebellious mood and you wish to break all the rules of Wordle, Play Nerdle will be your savior. This game has two modes – practice and daily. In the latter, you’ll get 5 chances to guess any 5-letter word. The fun part is that you’ll be able to enter any word, even made-up ones.

This means you’ll be able to guess your way through the game by entering something like “dagke” or “bofcn” and locating the right letters in the right positions. The hint colors are different as well with green signifying all-right, white/red signifying all-wrong, and blue for partially right.

  1. Globle

This game is a direct dedication to the Geography lovers out there. Globle will give you a mystery country each day and the colored hints will be based on the proximity of the countries as you’re entering the guesses. The end goal will the game will be to limit the number of chances you consume to guess the right country.

  1. Foodle

Foodle is for all the food lovers out there. This is a platform where you’ll be able to reveal your true food-loving colors. In this game, the 5-letter mystery word will be a hidden food item that you must guess in six changes.

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