Download Google Camera 8.5 For Nothing Phone (1) – Gcam

The long-awaited Nothing Phone 1 is finally available on the market. If you own a Nothing Phone and you want to install Google Camera on it, then you’re definitely at the right place. One of the best features of the Nothing Phone 1 is its rear, that’s not just due to the glyph interface but also due to the 50MP dual-lens camera. The device captures amazing shots thanks to the built-in camera app while you can also sideload the Gcam port for better images.

Google Camera 8.5 for Nothing Phone 1

Nothing Phone 1 features a dual-lens camera module at the back panel, with the device bearing a 50MP Sony IMX766 sensor paired up with a 50MP Samsung JN1 ultra-wide-sensor. As for the software side, the stock camera app on your Nothing Phone 1 comes with a clean interface and has features like SloMo, Expert Mode, Night Mode, and more. Your phone will capture stunning images from the primary camera while the ultra-wide-angle lens’ performance will also be good. If you’re looking to boost up the photography a bit more on the Nothing Phone 1, then you can easily install the Google Camera 8.5 app on it.

Download Google Camera 8.5 app for Nothing Phone 1

The best part here is that you’ll be able to install the newest version of Gcam from Pixel 6a as the Google Camera 8.5 port is available for the new Nothing Phone 1. As for the features, the app comes with features like Night Sight, Astrophotography mode, HD Enhanced, Beauty Mode, SloMo, PhotoSphere, Lens Blur, RAW support, Playground, and more.

Download Google Camera 8.5 For Nothing Phone (1) – Gcam

Nothing Phone 1 comes with the Camera2 API out of the box, which means that you’ll be able to sideload the Google Camera app on your Nothing Phone 1 without rooting it. There are many Gcam ports compatible with the device. You can either download Gcam 8.5 or Gcam 8.4 ported by BSG as both ports will work on the Nothing Phone 1 without config files.

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How to install Gcam 8.5 APK on Nothing Phone 1

Google Camera 8.5.300 will be compatible with most smartphones, You will be able to easily enjoy the GCam mod on the handset as there are many GCam ports working with the lineup. Here is how you can install the Google Camera 8.5.300 APK.

  1. Open the GCam 8.5.300 app and then swipe down to Settings
  2. Then, tap on the More Settings Option before allowing access to manage files
  3. Now, open the Settings menu, head over to Advanced, then enable HDR+ control and Auto Night Sight
  4. Once it is done, open the Google Camera app and swipe down to open the settings
  5. Turn on the HD+ enhanced mode
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