Hike announces web platform for its messaging app

Hike announces web platform for its Hike Sticker Chat app on August 1 in India. Now, the users can chat via computers as well like WhatsApp Web. It’s a similar kind of platform for the Hike users and quite useful too. The home-grown tech-startup Hike has just crossed 1 million weekly active users which is good news.

The founder and Chief Executive Officer Kavin Bharti Mittal of Hike also mentioned that apart from the focusing on the app, the company also moving towards the user convenience. The Hike Web Platform will come in handy for most of the users. You can use the web app even your phone is switched off. He also said that while working on a desktop or laptop, people don’t want to look at mobile phones. This web platform will do its task or social life easy besides working.

Hike announces web platform with some features

The company will also provide the auto-backup option of the media files and chat logs on the user devices. As the people change their phones quite frequent these days, so the auto-backup feature will come in handy very much. Just log in your account with a mobile number on any device and you’re back in track. The company also working on sharing stickers across all messaging platforms easily.

Hike announces web platform for its messaging app

Hike Sticker Chat has over 40,000 stickers available. While it’s available in 40 Indian languages and dialects. The company hopes to have over 1 lakh stickers across languages by the end of the year with more Indian vocabulary. Till then, stay tuned.

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