How to apply for the MIUI 14 Mi Pilot Program

MIUI 14 is the newest adaptation of Xiaomi’s Android user interface. This is a slight alteration when compared to MIUI 13, with improved optimization and a handful of transformations. To help the users get an initial and effortless user experience, Xiaomi has initiated the MIUI 14 Mi Pilot Program. It allows the users to experiment with fresh features and enhancements prior to their public release. In this guide, you will learn how to register for the MIUI 14 Mi Pilot Program.

Join the Mi Pilot program and gain access to the pre-release version of the MIUI 14 Beta ROM, providing you with the latest features and a chance to provide valuable feedback to help improve the final version before it’s released to the public. If you encounter any bugs, simply report them using the services & feedback app. With your help, Xiaomi can ensure the best possible user experience for all its customers.

MIUI 14 Mi Pilot Tester Program Requirements

💡 If you’re looking to join the MIUI 14 Mi Pilot Tester Program, here are a few requirements you’ll need to meet:

  • 👥 Must be 18 years or older
  • 💻 Knowledge of flashing ROM on Xiaomi phones
  • 📱 Your device must be eligible for the Mi Pilot
  • 🔗 Log in to your device using the Mi account you used to apply
  • 🚀 Get ready to take your Xiaomi experience to the next level! 🚀

How to apply for the MIUI 14 Mi Pilot Program

How to apply for the MIUI 14 Mi Pilot Program

In order to take part in the MIUI 14 Mi Pilot Program, you should furnish your IMEI number and Mi Account data to the public. Subsequently, you must complete a form for Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO smartphones. Here are the steps to join this program.

  1. Download the MIUI 14 Program that has been made available for Global and Indian users –



  1. After that, fill out the Xiaomi Official Survey Platform form and answer the questions
  2. First, Xiaomi will want you to agree to submit a few answers, including part of your personal information
  3. You need to select “Yes” to continue
  4. In the next step, Xiaomi will collect your Mi Account ID and IMEI number
  5. You should tap on “Yes” to continue
  6. You should also let Xiaomi know if you’re above or under 18 years old
  7. Make a choice and tap “Next”
  8. Xiaomi will remind you to back up your data
  9. In case you’ve already done that, you should select “Yes, I have read carefully and agree” before tapping on “Next”
  10. You should enter your Mi ID now
  11. Look for the Mi ID by going to your Phone Settings -> Mi Account -> Personal Information -> Xiaomi Account ID
  12. Copy the ID in the field and proceed
  13. Enter the IMEI number
  14. Choose your device, whether it is Mi or Redmi
  15. Choose your device model from the list
  16. Select the device region depending on your previous MIUI updates –
  • MI for Global Region
  • RU for Russian Region
  • EU for European Region
  • TW for Taiwan Region
  • ID for Indonesian Region
  • JP for Japan Region
  1. Now, tap on the “Yes” button in the next question and then continue
  2. Done, you have successfully registered for the Xiaomi MIUI 14 Mi Pilot Program

With the help of this pilot program, users can get an early look at all that MIUI 14 has to offer before it officially rolls out across devices worldwide! So don’t wait – join now and experience a smooth transition into using one of Xiaomi’s most advanced versions yet!

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