How to Bypass Password/PIN/Pattern on Android Without Reset

Android smartphones come with numerous lock screen measures that you can find on every device such as Password/PIN/Pattern. The individual who owns the device could, occasionally, mislay the passcode, preventing you from getting into the phone.

It’s possible you neglected the secret code if you’re trying to reactivate an aged Android phone you have in your possession. To resolve this issue, Google has given you an option – factory reset the device This way, you’ll be able to remove the Factory Reset Protection and give you the option to re-setup your device and implement a new lock screen security measure.

However, not everyone is comfortable with deleting all their precious data. This might leave you wondering if there exists an alternate way. LFortunately for you, circumventing the password, pattern, and PIN on your Android device does not necessitate a factory reset. You will discover how to accomplish that in this guide.

How to bypass Password/PIN/Pattern on Android without reset

How to Bypass Password/PIN/Pattern on Android Without Reset

You can bypass your device’s password, pattern, or PIN without resetting by using recovery. This method will require you to have a custom recovery installed that supports the basic flashing and sideloading. Here are the steps to do that –

  1. Download Aroma File Manager zip file and then transfer it to the platform-tools folder
  2. Now, you should rename it to
  3. Boot your smartphone to the Recovery Mode using the hardware key combinations
  4. Now, head over to Advanced -> Sideload and then perform a right-swipe to start the sideload
  5. Launch CMD inside the platform-tools folder and then execute the following command –
adb sideload
  1. It will load the Aroma File Manager, after which you need to head over to Menu -> Settings
  2. Now, choose “mount all partitions in startup” before exiting from the Aroma File Manager
  3. Then, go to Advanced -> Sideload before performing a right-swipe to start sideloading
  4. Launch CMD inside the platform-tools folder and then execute the following command –
adb sideload
  1. Now, you should go to Data -> System and choose either the password.key (for password lock) or gesture.key (for pattern lock)
  2. Long-press on the key and then select Delete -> Delete the file
  3. Now, you should restart your device and it’ll be done.
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