How to defeat Shuigui in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is a role-playing game that is one of the most challenging soul-like experiences out there. Similar to the Noah games, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty’s boss fights tend to be the highlight of this entire game.  However, the game also features a wide assortment of optional mini-bosses that can be equally as challenging as some of the main bosses. One such recurring mini-boss in the game is the Shuigui. If you’re having trouble defeating the boss, then this guide is perfect for you. In this guide, you will get to know how to defeat Shuigui in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

What is Shuigui?

The Shuigui are demons that resemble beautiful mermaids. According to ancient Chinese legends, these creatures were once believed to be the remnants of women who drowned themselves and now they haunt the bodies of water where they once perished.

Similar to Changgui, the Shuigui is one of the first mini-bosses that you’ll come across in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. While the standard blue-colored version of the Shuigui may not be that tough to deal with, its more powerful red-colored version will be the more challenging mini-boss in the game.

How to defeat Shuigui in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

How to defeat Shuigui in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

The Shuigui generally uses melee attacks but it also has access to a wide range of options. The most common attack is the one where it’ll charge towards you while flailing its arms, which can stun-lock you with a combo, dealing major damage to your Spirit and Health. Another attack will be there the mini-boss spits out a narrow stream of water towards you, which will also inflict a lot of spirit damage. You can easily avoid it by either dodging or deflecting the attack.

The mini-boss will also have access to a critical blow where it’ll raise its tail and charge it before landing an overheat attack. You can easily deflect this attack and deal massive spirit damage to the mini-boss. Parrying this move will require precise timing. The penalty for missing this deflect will be equally as massive, with a lot of spirit and health damage, which could be fatal if the demon follows up with regular attacks or combos.

The Shuigui is susceptible to flame virtue wizardly spells such as Engulfing Inferno and Burning Falmewave, which will help you deplete the spirit gauge, opening them up for fatal strikes.

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