How to enable the Always-On Display feature on Galaxy devices running One UI 4.0

Samsung’s new Always-On Display (AOD) feature is an exceptional new addition that comes with the Samsung Galaxy smartphones running One UI 4.0 firmware. It is a handy little feature that allows the user to view the date, time, notifications, battery level, missed calls, and other key information on the screen without having to turn it on.

You will never miss any notification or other key details with the Always-On Display feature on Samsung Galaxy devices running One UI 4.0. Through this feature, you’ll be able to set the lock screen widgets and have them on display all the time.

Not just that, One UI 4.0, will allow you to do a lot more with AOD. Samsung has provided a variety of designs and clocks as you can choose colors and wallpapers or even choose a picture from the gallery to put your Always-On Display screen. Besides the basics, the Galaxy users will also be able to enjoy different widgets on the AOD screen by double-tapping the clock area, check schedules and alarms, and play music without turning on the screen. Further, you’ll be able to pin text and images that you want to remember each time.

How to enable the AOD feature in Samsung Galaxy devices running One UI 4.0?

Enable the Always-On Display feature on Galaxy devices running One UI 4.0

The speciality of the Always-On Display feature is when he device’s light is off, the AOD feature automatically displays information like time, date, and other notifications in a lower-power mode. Here is how you can enable the Always-On Display feature.

  • Open the Settings application.
  • Head over to the Lock Screen.
  • Simply tap on “Always-On Display”.
  • You’ll get the option that you can change it when showing AOD like Show for 10 Seconds, Show as Scheduled, or Show Always.
  • You’ll be able to customize many things like the clock style, toggle auto-brightness, change screen orientation, display music information, and more.

It is worth noting that AOD can easily drain your device’s battery. To stop that, you’ll need to disable this feature. For doing that, go to the main Settings App -> Select the Lock Screen, Search for the Always-On Display option -> Tap it.

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