How to Find and Delete Duplicate Photos on Samsung Galaxy device

Are you looking to free up space from your Samsung Galaxy smartphone by removing duplicate images? As most smartphones these days come with big storage, people forget to remove files that aren’t needed as they feel there is a lot of space on their smartphones.

However, with time, the storage fills up with many unwanted files, including duplicate photos. Then, you eventually realize that you don’t have any space left for important data as your device is already full of duplicate files. This is where you’ll want to find and delete duplicate photos on your device.

You can take different measures to clear up space on your smartphone. This includes removing the files that aren’t required, uninstalling bloatware, clearing the cache, optimizing devices, and deleting duplicate photos. In this guide, you will get to know how to Find and Delete Duplicate Photos on Samsung Galaxy device.

How to find duplicate photos?

Before you can delete these files, you’ll first want to find out the duplicate images stored on your device. Samsung has made it pretty simple for users to identify duplicate images. Here is how you can find the duplicate files –

  • Open the default File Manager
  • Scroll down and tap on the “Analyze Storage” option
  • It’ll give you a complete overview of the storage including a few suggestions
  • After that, tap on the “Duplicate Files” option
  • You will get all the files that are similar, including photos, videos, and other files

How to delete duplicate photos on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone?

How to Find and Delete Duplicate Photos on Samsung Galaxy device

There are many reasons why you’ll want to remove duplicate files. The first reason is that it is essential to keep the storage organized so that you’re able to find the required files easily. Another reason will be to clear storage to make room for new files. Here is how you can delete duplicate photos.

  • Head over to the Duplicate Files section through the method mentioned above
  • Select the duplicate files that you wish to remove
  • Lastly, tap on the delete icon and confirm to delete the selected duplicate files
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