OnePlus Open Problems Bugs & Issues: How to Fix them

The OnePlus Open is the OEM’s first foldable device and it comes with a slew of exciting specs like a 6.31-inch outer screen, a 7.82-inch AMOLED inner display, a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, and more. Despite the clear positives, there are a few common bugs and issues in OnePlus Open.

Many users are complaining about software issues like stuttering, lags, freezing, black screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more. As the device is relatively new, these bugs are to be expected. Luckily, there are workarounds for those issues too.

This guide will demonstrate how to resolve software bugs and optimize your connection settings. This guide will show you how to fix software glitches and make your connection settings better. It’s all about giving users the know-how and tools they need to sort out these problems and make their experience with the OnePlus Open even better.

How to fix common bugs and issues in OnePlus Open

issues in OnePlus Open

Fix Black Screen issue in OnePlus Open

If you are encountering black screen issues in OnePlus Open, then you can tackle it by trying out these solutions –

  1. Restart your OnePlus Open
  2. Re-calibrate your device’s battery
  3. Charge your smartphone completely
  4. Check for physical damage and liquid
  5. Check for software updates
  6. Carry out a factory reset

Fix Wi-Fi issues in OnePlus Open

Losing Wi-Fi connectivity can be a particularly frustrating experience. Here are the ways you can resolve these issues in your OnePlus Open –

  1. Reboot your smartphone
  2. Turn off the Bluetooth feature
  3. Check your Wi-Fi band
  4. Carry out a hard restart

Fix Bluetooth issues in OnePlus Open

Many users have reported Bluetooth issues when using OnePlus Open. Here are the ways you can resolve these issues –

  1. Reboot your smartphone
  2. Clear cache and data
  3. Force stop the Bluetooth app
  4. Un-pair the device and then pair it again

Fix charging issues in OnePlus Open

If you’re facing charging issues, then there are many workarounds to fix this issue. Here are the ways you can resolve charging issues in OnePlus Open –

  1. Insert the charger correctly
  2. Check the cable and adapter
  3. Clean the charging port properly
  4. Use original charging accessories
  5. Restart your smartphone
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