How to fix Facebook dating not showing up

Facebook Dating is one of the newest features added to the social media app. As the name suggests, it lets you meet new people with similar interests, pretty much identical to what all other dating applications are doing. The exciting this about Facebook Dating is that there’s no “premium” or “plus” feature. Hence, everything on Facebook Dating is absolutely free.

The new feature has already started receiving tractions since the announcement. Since it is a new feature, the availability is limited to specific regions. To use the Facebook Dating feature, you will need to create a separate profile on the dating platform. The new feature is available only on Android and iOS applications under the menu section.

Facebook‘s dating feature is available in dozens of countries, including Switzerland, the United States, Thailand, Italy, Ireland, Peru, Netherlands. The dating feature seems to be in the works, as many users reported that it disappeared from the Facebook application. So, here we are with the possible fixes for the problem with the Facebook app not showing the dating feature.

Facebook Dating

Possible fixes to Facebook dating not showing up issue

1. Age eligibility

One of the primary requirements to use the dating feature is that the user needs to have a minimum age of 18. A person under 18 years of age cannot use this feature.

2. Update the app to its latest version

Facebook dating is a new feature, and hence it is most likely to appear in the latest version of the application. So, if you are not getting this feature, update the app to its latest version and check if it’s showing up or not.

3. Enable app notifications

Some of Facebook’s features no longer become accessible when the notification is turned off. This could be one of the reasons for the Dating feature not to appear in the application. Go to the device settings, enable notification for the Facebook app, and check for the dating feature.

4. Clear app cache

Facebook stores data in the form of cache for fast access. Clearing this indicates the application to fetch fresh data. Hence, it is recommended to clear the Facebook app’s cache, which could bring the dating feature on the application.

5. Reinstall Facebook

Uninstalling and installing the app sometimes does the trick while fixing an issue. Therefore, you could try reinstalling the Facebook app to see if it works in the case.

These were some of the best possible fixes to the Facebook dating feature not showing up issue. Do let us know in the comments which one of the methods worked for you. 

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