How to fix Getting Stuck at Random Places in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart is the latest entry to the single-player first-person shooter domain and it has gathered a lot of positive receptions. Featuring role-playing elements, this game has a lot of challenging quests and missions.

As of now, the users will have to deal with a different sort of challenge. Many users have been voicing their concern that they’re getting stuck at random places in the game. For instance, some of them are at the Centipede mini-game but aren’t able to move around while others are getting stuck in the drivable cars after finishing up VDNH.

Even worse, some of them are getting stuck in the air and aren’t able to move or dash. If you’re getting this issue, then this guide is perfect for you. In this guide, you will get to know how to fix Getting Stuck at Random Places in Atomic Heart.

Why are players getting stuck in the game?

One of the common causes of getting stuck in Atomic Heart is the game having a problem with textures and collisions. The players have reported issues where they disappear suddenly because of sudden disappearance of the floor or the characters might be stuck in places like floors, rocks, walls, and other objects.

This is quite an irritating bug and it can cause the players to lose progress by restarting certain parts. For fixing that, the developers of Atomic heart haven’t released an official acknowledgement.

How to fix Getting Stuck at Random Places in Atomic Heart

How to fix Getting Stuck at Random Places in Atomic Heart

It is recommended that you should try each of the workarounds and check which option works best for you. Here are the different methods you should go for –

  • First, you must pause the game, unpause it, and perform a “jump dash” move
  • Likewise, you may even get unstuck if an enemy bot is pushing you around by attacking you
  • If none of these methods work, your best course of action will be to load a previous save game
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